Linux and HTTP Virtualisation Software Developer

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Job Description

About the Job

Linux and HTTP Virtualisation Software Developer

Our Client is looking to enlistee a campaigner with acquisition of processing bundle for the virtual enactment market.

It is indispensable that the you tin show skills and acquisition successful the pursuing areas:

  • Linux (Ubuntu and CentOS, absorption & attraction etc.)
  • Knowledge of Configuration Management Automation tools similar Chef (also valid Puppet, Saltstack, Ansible)
  • Understanding of API documentation, implementation and supporting customers utilizing these
  • Expert cognition of HTTP (including RESTful services)
  • Best signifier knowing of Hardware, Virtualization, Clustering, High Availability, Disaster Recovery and Security
  • Basic IP networking skills

It is besides desirable for to beryllium experienced successful oregon acquainted with the pursuing (these volition go portion of the time to time role):

  • Virtualisation with KVM / QEMU
  • Scripting skills (Powershell, Python, Bash, Ruby, Perl, etc.)
  • LAMP (or components of - Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP)
  • OpenStack (or akin unreality bundle platform)
  • VMware ESXi Hypervisor
  • Data Modelling tools (XML, NETCONF, YANG, JSON)

Must person the quality to interruption down larger projects into smaller components, and to beryllium capable to enactment independently.

Personal Qualities:

Excellent written and verbal connection skills. Presentable, bully squad player, but besides capable to enactment efficaciously unsocial for periods of time. Highly motivated and self-sufficient. Happy to question and enactment distant from location from clip to clip if circumstantial projects require. Preferably drives with ain transport.

An aptitude for and enjoyment of occupation solving. Good clip management, and the quality to accurately estimation clip required to implicit outstanding tasks.

The presumption is based astatine location with occasional question to the institution offices and/or to lawsuit sites for enactment oregon meetings.

Degree-level educated successful Computer Science oregon akin subject.

Please respond with CV to Click present to interaction this recruiter successful MS Word format, on with your wage expectations.