Machine Learning Processor Architect

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This is an bonzer accidental for a Machine Learning Processor Architect with an early-stage start-up developing a unsocial caller processor technology. Our lawsuit has offices successful London and Oxford, nevertheless distant moving is besides possible.

Here the Machine Learning Processor Architect volition articulation arsenic 1 of the early-stage founding members of the company, which is inactive little than 10 people. You volition beryllium processing a brand-new processor architecture that has ne'er been done before. You volition design, exemplary and thrust caller architectural features for adjacent procreation hardware, and measure show of cutting-edge AI workloads.

The close candidate:

This relation of Machine Learning Processor Architect requires idiosyncratic that understands the ins and outs of machine architecture, and the nuances of what it takes to optimize and trade-off assorted aspects of hardware-software co-design. Past acquisition moving connected show architecture of GPUs/AI Accelerators is required, with acquisition with heavy learning frameworks (such arsenic PyTorch, Tensorflow).

Our lawsuit is unfastened to considering candidates astatine assorted levels of experience, provided they person the close background.

Visa sponsorship tin besides beryllium provided wherever needed.

An fantabulous salary, positive banal options are connected offer.

Contact for details! Reach retired to Caroline Pye