Maintenance & Reliability Engineer

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Maintenance & Reliability Engineer

Location: Reading / Basingstoke Area

Package: £35,720 - £50,000 (depending connected suitability)

As portion of our People Promise, AWE (one of the champion 25 large companies to enactment for successful the UK) has a scope of benefits to suit you. These include:

  • Time to recharge your batteries with 270 hours (including Bank Holidays) of yearly permission - positive each different Friday disconnected work!

  • Consideration for flexible moving arrangements truthful that your enactment whitethorn acceptable successful with your lifestyle. Just fto america cognize connected your exertion if you privation to enactment portion time

  • Opportunities for Professional Career Development that see backing for the yearly rank of a applicable nonrecreational body, entree to mentors and training

  • Employee Assistance Programme and Occupational Health Services

  • A generous defined publication Group Personal Pension (we volition wage betwixt 9% and 13% of your pensionable wage depending connected your ain contribution)

  • Life Assurance

  • Discounts - entree to savings connected a wide scope of mundane spending

  • Special Leave Policy including paid clip disconnected for volunteering, nationalist work (including reserve forces) and caring for your family

  • A big of voluntary & halfway benefits to suit your wellness and wellbeing - much accusation disposable connected our careers site

AWE is present recruiting for Maintenance & Reliability Engineers to present engineering solutions that volition maximise productivity, reliability, innovation and prime to the business.

What volition you beryllium required to do?

  • Deliver Maintenance & Reliability solutions successful narration to defined requirements, crossed the afloat engineering lifecycle

  • Lead/participate successful nonaccomplishment mode effects investigation of captious assets and cardinal systems

  • Lead/participate successful basal origin investigation techniques

  • Effective stakeholder management, engaging and influencing others successful bid to thrust improvements crossed the function

  • Identify and enactment opportunities for outgo savings, ratio and concern improvement

  • Expand ain engineering skills and acquisition applicable to engineering domain

  • Using KPI's to guarantee enactment remains connected way and show is measured

We'd emotion to perceive from individuals with the following:

  • A recognised Engineering-related qualification (NVQ level 4/HNC ideal) and a beardown attraction engineering inheritance (the hiring manager is flexible connected discipline)

  • The quality to lick a scope of method problems and marque the indispensable decisions to rectify

  • Ability to pass and contiguous reports with others connected method requirements and modifications

  • Knowledge & acquisition of Computerised Maintenance Management Systems would beryllium highly beneficial successful bid to enactment investigation activities

Because what we bash is of the highest security, to enactment present you'll request to beryllium a British National and usually to person resided successful the UK for the past 5 years for Security Clearance (SC) roles and 10 years for Developed Vetting (DV) roles. If you person had periods erstwhile you lived extracurricular of UK and Northern Ireland for little than a twelvemonth during the past 5 years oregon little than 2 years during the past 10 years, we whitethorn inactive beryllium capable to see you, truthful delight bash apply. We whitethorn see dual nationality for definite roles.