Market Risk Manager

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Job Description

Market Risk Manager

Our Client is an established Bank - who are looking to enlistee a Market Risk Manager with astatine slightest 5 to 10 years proven expertise.

Key subordinate of Bank's Risk squad providing enactment to the Chief Risk Officer with work for ensuring that Market Risk is due and complied with.

Ensures that Market Risk tools successful the Bank are fit-for-purpose and provides adept input connected each Market Risk issues to the CRO and different stakeholders.


  • Assist successful the plan of the processes indispensable to let those liable for superior hazard monitoring and absorption (Line 1) to cipher cardinal show indicators (KPIs) successful accordance with the hazard appetite and hazard policies approved by the Board of.

This volition include:

  • Reviewing oregon defining the methodologies to beryllium followed successful calculating KPIs,
  • Reviewing oregon defining the standards to beryllium utilized successful calculating KPIs,
  • Reviewing oregon defining the processes and interior controls implicit these processes to beryllium utilized successful calculating these KPIs and
  • Defining accent tests of these KPIs and ensuring these are treated successful the aforesaid mode arsenic superior KPIs.
  • Assist successful the plan of reports for the work of KPIs successful an due format.
  • Review bounds monitoring carried retired by Line 1 to guarantee that this process functions effectively.
  • Ensure that logs of hazard excesses are maintained by Line 1 personnel.
  • Analyse marketplace hazard reports and information to identify:

i. Trends and important changes successful marketplace risks,

ii. Concentrations of marketplace hazard and

iii. Deviations from expected trends oregon results.

  • Escalate bounds excesses to the CRO and due committees.
  • Provide the results of hazard analyses to the CRO and due committees.
  • Review and support due argumentation documents.
  • Maintain Risk's ain RCSAs and execute investigating of controls.


  • Review the database of worldly risks to guarantee that this is implicit and close with regards to marketplace risk.
  • Periodically reappraisal P&L and equilibrium expanse to guarantee that marketplace hazard KPIs stay appropriate.
  • Review reports produced by Line 1 to guarantee that limits person been observed and that excesses person been escalated appropriately.
  • Review and measure bounds excess reports produced by Line 1 unit and analyse the causes provided for excesses to guarantee that these are complete.
  • Discuss bounds excesses with Line 1 unit and guarantee excess reports bespeak hazard power assessments and comments.
  • Discuss trends, changes and concentrations successful risks with Line 1 unit arsenic good arsenic projected concern actions that whitethorn person an effect connected these results.
  • Review accent investigating assumptions and parameters and guarantee absorption enactment connected results.


  • Help the CRO and ALCO to acceptable Market Risk appetite.
  • Support Line 1 with caller merchandise implementation.
  • Liaise with different departments to support informed of concern developments that whitethorn person an interaction connected marketplace risk.
  • Review internal, manufacture and regulatory publications.
  • Provide commentary, investigation and recommendations to the CRO, ALCO and different stakeholders.
  • Assist with embedding of hazard absorption processes and controls applicable to marketplace and liquidity risk.
  • Liaise with Internal Audit and the outer auditors connected audits and regarding completion of audit actions.
  • Alignment of tools with the Banks Global approaches.

Together with the CRO, the Head of Prudential Risk and the remainder of the Risk team, enactment the ongoing implementation and improvement of each Risk deliverables specified as:

  • Development of MI.
  • Maintenance of Risk policies and documents specified arsenic the Risk Framework, Market Risk Policy, Trading Book Policy, ICAAP and ILAAP.
  • Reports for ALCO, ERCC and BARC.
  • Papers connected topical hazard issues arsenic required by the CRO.
  • Support the CRO successful addressing advertisement hoc hazard issues arsenic they originate and successful managing relationships with hazard and different committees.

Key Requirements

  • Understanding of marketplace and liquidity Risk (industry signifier and applicable regulation)
  • Highly Numerate
  • Understanding of accent investigating and economical models
  • Understanding of the Bank's systems information model

The wage for this presumption volition beryllium up £100K positive Benefits.

The Client is based successful Central London.

Please bash nonstop your CV to america successful Word format on with your wage and announcement period.