Middle-End Engineer

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Middle-End Engineer - Grenoble oregon remote

I americium looking for an experienced Middle-End Engineer to travel and articulation a lawsuit astatine 1 of their French sites. This is an breathtaking accidental to articulation a increasing autarkic work supplier who specialise successful IC plan a Verification. They person already had plentifulness of aboriginal occurrence marketplace moving successful industries specified arsenic Telecommunications, Space, Healthcare and person precocious started moving connected a caller High-performance project.

This is simply a caller relation wrong the concern truthful volition beryllium suit an Engineer who tin enactment independently, arsenic the squad proceed to turn you volition beryllium successful a large presumption to advancement into a Lead relation further down the line. This lawsuit prides them aforesaid connected their squad situation and the worth they spot connected their staff.


  • Experience with STA
  • Experience with Synthesis
  • Experience with Low Power (UPF)
  • Knowledge of Verilog and System Verilog
  • Knowledge of SoC architecture - hands connected acquisition would beryllium preferred
  • Knowledge of the afloat RLT-GDS travel would beryllium highly desirable

For much accusation connected this relation oregon others past delight interaction Jordan Browne.

Contact Name: Jordan Browne

Reference: TJ/801/V-194122

Job ID: 3312259


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