MiFID MiFIR Manager

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Job Description

MiFID MiFIR Manager

Our Client is seeking a qualified campaigner MiFID/ MiFIR Manager to service successful a full-time capableness arsenic Manager for the Capital Market division. Of the Company.

This presumption volition connection you an accidental to enactment intimately with elder individuals astatine starring concern banks and regulators successful European superior markets, connected the reappraisal of the Market successful Financial Instruments Directive 2/Market successful Financial Instruments Regulation (MiFID/MiFIR).

It is an accidental to enactment connected the cutting borderline of regulatory and marketplace signifier developments arsenic good arsenic to enactment successful initiatives aimed astatine facilitating opportunities for Members.

You volition study to the Head of MiFID and volition enactment intimately with different unit and members crossed a wide scope of merchandise and argumentation committees, including equities, fixed income, capitalist protection, compliance and advocacy.

You volition enactment the Head of MiFID, the MiFID Steering Committee and different MiFID squad leaders with respect to the interaction of MiFID/MiFIR connected their members' businesses.

The relation requires a strategical attack arsenic good arsenic a precocious level of attraction to method item and a beardown willingness to make a heavy knowing of the interaction of the caller regularisation connected the businesses of Members.

We envisage this relation to beryllium successful our London office, however, we are unfastened to considering our Brussels bureau with an anticipation that immoderate question wrong the EU27 and UK volition beryllium required.

Key accountabilities Key activities / Decision areas

Member support

Have nonstop interaction with Members successful the supra areas, including moving with the Member Chairs of MiFID Steering Committee and with Members of different departmental divisions

Support connected argumentation and concern contented identification, research, mentation and analysis; including fact-gathering

Support communications betwixt Members, regulators, legislators and the media


The Candidate volition beryllium liable for preparing agendas for the MiFID Steering Committee and for supporting unit successful the mentation and execution of meetings/calls and follow-up actions of their groups, including the MiFID groups of the Equity, Fixed Income, Investor Protection, Compliance and Public Policy divisions. Lead and coordinate the execution of actions agreed by the Steering Committee and different MiFID groups, including: the improvement and deployment of consultation responses and briefing materials; gathering with policy-makers and regulators; and engaging with the wider stakeholder assemblage


Maintain applicable sections of the Company's website and intranet

Essential cardinal competencies:

Strong self-motivation

Intellectual curiosity, crisp intellect and precocious levels of vigor and thrust

Well-developed interpersonal skills

An involvement successful initiating alteration

Ability to relation efficaciously successful a challenging, fast-paced nonrecreational squad situation

Determination and resilience Knowledge skills and acquisition Essential:

Have a bachelor's oregon precocious nonrecreational grade

At slightest 3-5 years of anterior nonrecreational acquisition connected MiFID topics oregon longer acquisition successful a fiscal services superior markets enactment (preference for circumstantial acquisition astatine a trading oregon banking organization)

Excellent oral and written communications skills, including nationalist speaking

Analytical, organizational, and enactment skills

Fluency successful oral and written English is required

IT literate Desirable:

A fluent cognition of English, positive further connection skills would beryllium a positive All candidates are required to person the ineligible close to enactment successful the UK and/or successful the EU.

The Client is based successful Canary Wharf London.

The relation volition beryllium connected a 2 time successful the bureau and 3 time retired connected a rota ground - and it is envisaged that each employees volition enactment from the bureau afloat clip from January 2022.

The wage for this rill beryllium successful the scope £55K - £70K positive generous benefits.

Do nonstop your CV to america successful Word format on with your wage and availability.