Mixed-Signal Design Engineer

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Analog Mixed-Signal Design Engineer

This is an accidental for an experienced Analog Mixed Signal Design Engineer to beryllium based successful the increasing semiconductor hub of Dresden. You volition articulation a increasing startup moving connected the improvement of a non-cellular 5G wireless microchip.

Responsibilities include:

  • Working arsenic portion of the analog/mixed squad focused connected the plan and productization that utilizes FD-SOI exertion nodes.
  • Work connected top-level simulations.
  • Work connected the plan of mixed-signal plan circuits.
  • Help with plan reviews and collaborate with cross-functional teams.

An manufacture grade is required for the palmy Mixed-Signal Design Engineer:

Experience is required successful the following:

  • Solid knowing of sigma-delta DAC/ADC.
  • Experience moving connected the plan of high-speed mixed-signal circuits.
  • Cadence Design Tool Experience

Desirable acquisition includes:

  • Passionate astir joining a increasing company.
  • Happy to enactment independently and person the thrust to advancement connected their own.

A competitory wage is connected connection arsenic good arsenic a scope of benefits including 1 time of enactment from location a week and relocation enactment if needed.

Excellent connection skills are required arsenic good arsenic the quality to instrumentality work for analyzable circuit and strategy designs wrong transportation timescales.