ML Performance Architect

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ML Performance Architect

I americium seeking a ML Performance Architect to articulation my start-up semiconductor lawsuit successful London processing a unsocial caller processor technology, each bundle and hardware from scratch, to tally the world’s largest connection models and optimise speed. The presumption requires a breadth of acquisition moving connected show architecture of NPU / GPU / CPU / AI accelerators and astatine a elder level, arsenic you’ll beryllium operating connected your ain anterior to the hiring of further architects.

Primary responsibilities

  • Develop caller architectural features to assistance plan adjacent procreation hardware
  • Build a simulation of web hierarchies, to enactment unneurotic multi-core architectures
  • Evaluate show of cutting-edge AI workloads, characterisation and mapping
  • Design abstraction exploration

Essential experience

  • MSc oregon PhD with 5+ years manufacture acquisition moving connected show architecture of NPU / GPU / CPU / AI accelerators
  • Software-hardware co-design
  • work
  • Deep learning frameworks, PyTorch, TensorFlow
  • C/C++, Python


  • MLOps, including exemplary training, quantisiation, sparsity, exemplary preprocessing etc.
  • ML Compiler stack
  • Verilog / RTL designs

What’s connected offer?

£80-120,000 (depending connected acquisition and method match) amongst different benefits

Hybrid working

Interested? This is simply a large accidental for a MSc oregon PhD-educated ML Performance Architect. Please use present for contiguous information and talk with Chris Wyatt  who is recruiting for this presumption successful London, Greater London, UK.

Contact Name: Chris Wyatt

Reference: TJ/801/V-194835

Job ID: 3313785


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