Mobile Onsite Desktop Support Engineer

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The EUS Engineer works arsenic portion of a ample squad providing enactment to interior Capita customers oregon to outer clients. The relation includes taking ownership and work of queries, incidents and work requests, changes assigned to the Desktop enactment queues and pursuing departmental and Capita procedures for responsibility resolution. What you volition beryllium doing:

    '€¢Taking ownership and work of queries, incidents and work requests, changes assigned to the Desktop enactment queues and pursuing departmental and Capita procedures for responsibility resolution'€¢Completing approved enactment requests accurately wrong the agreed SLA'€¢Performing medication of bundle distribution, desktop information and distant enactment tools and utilities'€¢Installing, configuring, and ensuring the on-going usability of desktop computers, peripheral instrumentality and software'€¢Performing wide preventative and remedial attraction tasks connected computers, laptops, printers and immoderate different authorised peripheral equipment'€¢Providing idiosyncratic information and exertion recovery'€¢Using diagnostic tools to troubleshoot problems associated with web connectivity and workstation hardware/software'€¢Maintaining consciousness of existent processes, updates and different accusation done regular squad communication.'€¢Familiarising users connected basal software, hardware, and peripheral instrumentality operation'€¢Working with vendor enactment contacts to resoluteness method issues wrong the desktop environment'€¢Escalating issues to the applicable person/team, erstwhile appropriate, to resoluteness issues wrong SLA'€¢Performing enactment successful compliance wrong specified warranty requirements and liaising with warranty suppliers to effect repairs

What we are looking for:

    '€¢Service Desk/Customer Service roles'€¢Planning and implementation of Windows 10 deployments/migrations.'€¢Experience with deployments utilizing SCCM oregon Intune'€¢Remote enactment and troubleshooting'€¢SLA management, metrics and reporting'€¢Incident, problem, change, work petition and large incidental absorption processes'€¢Working to an ITIL framework'€¢Desktop/Laptop betterment and hardware maintenance

About Capita Technology and Software Solutions:

We design, physique and tally the close method competencies and partnerships to alteration Capita to present seamless nationalist and lawsuit services - from moving collaboratively with Capita's businesses to signifier the close exertion and bundle solutions to instrumentality to market, to ensuring colleagues person entree to resilient, predictable IT services and support, that enables them to enactment efficaciously and securely.

TSS is close astatine the bosom of Capita, arsenic we enactment to make a technology-led organisation. You'll beryllium portion of a Capita-wide web of 55,000 experienced, innovative and dedicated individuals crossed aggregate disciplines, sectors and countries. There are countless opportunities to larn caller skills and make successful your career, and we'll supply the enactment you request to bash conscionable that. Our intent is to make a amended result for you.

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We're an adjacent accidental and Disability Confident employer, which means we enlistee and make radical based connected their merit and passion. We're committed to providing an inclusive, barrier-free recruitment process and moving situation for everyone. If you request the occupation statement oregon exertion signifier successful an alternate format (such arsenic ample people oregon audio), oregon if you'd similar to sermon different changes oregon enactment you mightiness request going forward, delight email Iqbal astatine Click present to interaction this recruiter " target="_blank"> Click present to interaction this recruiter oregon telephone [Telephone fig removed] and we'll get backmost to you. For much accusation astir adjacent opportunities and process adjustments, delight sojourn the Capita Careers website.