Mobile React Software Engineer

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Job Description

Mobile React Software Engineer

You person an world grade (BSc oregon MSc) successful machine subject oregon a related field, complemented with a minimum of 2 years of moving experience.

Solid cognition of TypeScript conventions and patterns, some connected the frontend and backend coupled with acquisition with the NodeJS ecosystem

Experience with front-end React/React Native framework

Experience and feeling with societal media environments

You person acquisition with assorted investigating patterns and supporting frameworks, (Jest, Mocha, Chai, snapshot testing, portion testing)

Strong knowing of GraphQl and RESTFul services' conventions and architecture

You tin enactment independently and instrumentality matters into your ain hands

The quality to rapidly larn caller technologies and successfully instrumentality them is essential

You instrumentality pridefulness successful delivering precocious quality, reusable code, and idiosyncratic interfaces

Any acquisition of the pursuing would beryllium precise useful

You cognize and recognize the structural parts of a React exertion (redux, sagas, react-router/navigation (RN))

You bash not fearfulness css-in-js patterns (RN stylesheets, styled-components, Styled Systems)

Notions of functional programming patterns successful a modern beforehand extremity (hooks, immutability, axenic components, stateless functions,...)

Work acquisition with Neo4j, SQL and NoSQL databases

You cognize however to make a span betwixt the Native connection and JavaScript codification and however to amended oregon acceptable up a modern physique and CI/CD pipeline and recognize the value of the antithetic tools progressive (webpack, metro, linting, prettier, perpetrate hooks, circle-ci,...

You cognize however to usage information visualization tools (and libraries similar d3.js) for analyzing oregon debugging data

This is simply a agelong word declaration duty - 6 to 12 months initially.

The Client is based successful Belgium - though the relation tin beryllium worked remotely.

The complaint volition beryllium successful the scope £350 to £550 per day.

Do nonstop your CV to america successful Word format on with your regular complaint and availability.