NDT Inspection Engineer

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NDT Inspection Engineer

Company lawsuit has an breathtaking accidental for you to articulation a starring engineering and attraction supplier arsenic an ANDT Inspection Engineer. Our lawsuit supports customers crossed the chemic & petrochemical, nuclear, lipid & gas, pharmaceuticals & biopharma, powerfulness & energy, utilities, renewables, and nutrient & beverage markets.

This is simply a imperishable accidental based connected tract successful Aberdeen.

Core Tasks & Responsibilities

You volition beryllium fixed the work of supporting the method transportation of each NDT techniques successful accordance with institution procedures. Alongside this you volition behaviour tract visits (onshore and offshore) to supervise, audit and enactment onsite ANDT/NDT delivery.

You volition beryllium liable for the effectual readying and organisation of ANDT inspection activities, ensuring each ANDT enactment scopes are delivered efficiently, competently, wrong fund and successful accordance with institution procedures.

You volition beryllium expected to:

* Assist successful the mentation of Inspection proposals, ANDT CTRs and CAPEX requirements
* Assist with the reviewing/updating of ANDT Technical procedures
* Assist with ANDT method qualification trials

Qualifications & Competencies:

To beryllium palmy arsenic a ANDT Inspection Engineer you should person extended experienced successful the transportation of some accepted and precocious NDT methods covering in-service and recently fabricated products.

You volition person a inheritance successful the organisation and supervision of inspection / NDT enactment scopes and cognition of ISO 9712 Level 2 UT, PA & TOFD arsenic a minimum.


The bundle includes a Company Pension Scheme - 5% of basal yearly salary, Private Medical Insurance, Personal Accident Insurance, 25 days yearly vacation positive quality to buy/sell up to 5 days and Dental Plan and Death successful Service.

If youre funny successful the supra accidental use contiguous and 1 of our consultants volition beryllium successful interaction to sermon adjacent steps!