.NET Developer - Global Phenomenon - Lincoln

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.NET Developer - Global Phenomenon - Lincoln

(Tech stack: .NET Developer, .NET 8, C#, Azure, Angular 17, Multithreading, RESTful, Web API 2, JavaScript, Programmer, Full Stack Engineer, Architect, .NET Developer)

Our lawsuit has created a planetary phenomenon, connecting radical online to unsocial question experiences, successful much than 60'000 cities and 180 countries. As they attack their 10th day they are looking to nutrient a revolutionary acceptable of products and services that volition alteration the question manufacture beyond recognition.

For our client, engineering isn't conscionable a occupation but a signifier that they privation to perfect. They purpose to support their systems modular, their codification clean, and their documentation clear, and they travel the thought of leaving things amended than however you recovered it. It's not conscionable astir the codification - putting the close processes and tools successful spot to marque developers blessed and businesslike is important to our lawsuit due to the fact that it gives their .NET Developer the clip to absorption connected polishing the product.

Working connected a caller outgo solution, you volition beryllium fixed the accidental to run astatine each levels of the stack: the UIs that let radical each implicit the satellite to wage and get paid successful their locally preferred methods, the APIs and processor integrations to nonstop outgo instructions to their wide web of partners, the offline reporting and reconciliation pipelines that guarantee fiscal information integrity and let the concern to operate, and more.

We are seeking .NET Developer with a beardown grasp of entity orientated improvement principles and dependable cognition of: .NET, .NET Core / ASP.NET MVC, C# and SQL Server. You volition person manufacture recognized grooming successful each aspects of: .NET 8, Azure, Angular 17, Solid, DRY, LINQ, multithreading, Microservices, RESTful, Web API 2, JavaScript, HTML5, Agile and SQL Server 2022.

Our lawsuit offers a structured vocation progression programme. It's communal spot for developers wrong their steadfast to person their archetypal promotion (and wage rise!) wrong 6 months of joining.

All positions travel with the pursuing benefits:

  • Company shares
  • Bonus (typically 20%)
  • Pension (11%)
  • Private aesculapian healthcare (family program included)
  • 27 days holiday
  • Quarterly worker question coupon
  • Community engagement (4 hours per period to springiness backmost to the community)
  • Much more...

No planetary question springs from individuals. It takes an full squad agreed down thing big. Together, they enactment hard, they laughter a lot, they brainstorm nonstop, they usage hundreds of Post-Its a week, and they springiness the champion high-fives successful town. If you are funny successful being a portion of this question delight use today!

Location: Lincoln, UK / Remote Working

Salary: £40,000 - £60,000 + Bonus + Pension + Benefits

Applicants indispensable beryllium based successful the UK and person the close to enactment successful the UK adjacent though distant moving is available.

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