.NET Developer - Zurich

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.NET Developer - Zurich

(Tech stack: .NET Software Engineer, .NET 8, C#, Blazor, Azure, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Agile, Programmer, Full Stack Developer, Architect, .NET Software Engineer)

Our client, a premier consultancy steadfast specializing successful planetary concern solutions, seeks a Business Consultant with a beardown instauration successful cutting-edge technologies including .NET Core, C#, Razor, Blazor, and MVC. Operating crossed 115+ countries, they are renowned for delivering strategical expertise that empowers businesses to optimize show and execute sustainable maturation connected a planetary scale.

Expanding their scope into concern quality and precocious analytics, the consultancy is poised to integrate blase technologies, including Blazor, .NET Core, C#, MVC, and Azure, to heighten data-driven decision-making processes for their clientele. Recent strategical partnerships with cardinal enterprises person solidified their presumption arsenic trailblazers successful this domain.

This relation demands skilled .NET Software Engineers with expertise successful .NET Core, C#, MVC, and Razor to spearhead the improvement of pioneering web applications and analytical software. These applications volition beryllium instrumental successful streamlining operations and unlocking caller potentials for lawsuit businesses.

The perfect campaigner volition person a robust proficiency successful .NET Core, C#, Razor, and Blazor. While anterior acquisition successful the listed technologies is advantageous, broad grooming volition beryllium provided successful .NET 8, Blazor, C#, MVC, Razor, EF Core, Azure, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Agile methodologies, TDD, BDD, Azure SQL, and SQL Server 2022.


  • 15% bonus structure.
  • Complimentary luncheon and gym membership.
  • Flexibility successful moving hours.
  • Remote moving options available.

This accidental offers you the accidental to leverage Blazor, .NET Core, C#, MVC, and Razor technologies to revolutionize however businesses harness information for unparalleled success, akin to achieving top-tier manufacture recognition.

Location: Zurich, Switzerland / Remote Working

Salary: 100'000 CHF - 120'000 CHF + Bonus + Benefits.

Join america successful shaping the aboriginal of concern quality and consultancy portion advancing your vocation with a pioneering planetary firm.