.NET Software Engineer - Global Sports Company - Amsterdam

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.NET Software Engineer - Global Sports Company - Amsterdam, Netherlands

(Tech stack: .NET Software Engineer, .NET 8, C#, Blazor, Azure, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Agile, Programmer, Full Stack Developer, Architect, Ontwikkelaar, .NET Software Engineer)

Our lawsuit is simply a planetary sports marque that operates successful implicit 115 countries worldwide. They are the biggest sports institution successful Europe and the 2nd largest connected the planet! Over the past 30 years they person been providing precocious show athletes with the tools they request to stay astatine their peak.

They are looking to subdivision retired and instrumentality a foothold successful the sports subject arena. In particular, they are looking to determination into the tract of precocious show information analytics. They are aiming to assistance athletes utilize the latest athletics subject exertion to analyse their show and assistance them rise their game. They person precocious signed crushed breaking sponsorship deals with respective precocious illustration sports teams and nationalist athletics squads.

As a effect of this determination are a fig of Greenfield bundle improvement projects that necessitate talented .NET Software Engineer to physique bundle that volition assistance athletes tally faster, leap higher and propulsion themselves person to their limits than they've ever been before. We are looking for .NET Software Engineer that tin deed the crushed moving and beryllium instrumental successful the instauration of stylish and innovative caller web applications and information analytics software. Every imaginable assets volition beryllium astatine your disposal to assistance you execute this.

We are looking for .NET Software Engineer that person a beardown inheritance successful .NET, .NET Core / ASP.NET MVC, C# and SQL Server. Training volition beryllium provided into: .NET 8, Blazor, EF Core, Azure, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Agile, TDD, BDD, Azure SQL and SQL Server 2022.

All positions travel with the pursuing benefits:

  • 15% bonus
  • Training allowance of EUR9.700 per year
  • Free lunch
  • Free gym membership
  • Flexible moving hours

This is an accidental for you to marque a method publication to a imaginable golden medal oregon adjacent champions league title!

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands / Remote Working

Salary: Salary: EUR4.000 - EUR5.000 Per Month + Bonus + Benefits

Applicants indispensable beryllium based successful the Netherlands and person the close to enactment successful the Netherlands adjacent though distant moving is available.

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