.NET Software Engineer - Maastricht

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.NET Software Engineer, C#, .NET 8, ASP.NET, HTML, CSS + JavaScript - Maastricht, Netherlands

(Tech stack: .NET Software Engineer, C#, .NET 8, ASP.NET, HTML, CSS & JavaScript, Full Stack Developer, Architect, .NET Software Engineer)

Have you ever thought astir getting from Amsterdam to Eindhoven successful 30 minutes? My client, a satellite person successful aerospace technology, and has decided to undertake probe into a subsonic bid proscription strategy akin to Hyperloop. Hyperloop and different subsonic proscription systems similar this are fundamentally a futuristic bid similar mode of transport that person the quality to question astatine speeds of implicit 700mph.

Their R&D centres successful the Netherlands are successful request of immoderate talented .NET Software Engineer to assistance physique the bundle applications and unreality platforms that they request to tally precocious information analytics and seizure accusation from the precocious velocity tests that they are moving connected a regular basis. .NET Software Engineer applicants should person cognition of: C#, .NET 8, ASP.NET, HTML, CSS & JavaScript, All positions travel with the pursuing benefits:

15% bonus. Weekly bureau codification competition. 5 days of brain-storming clip per month.

Location: Maastricht, Netherlands, Netherlands / Remote Working

Salary: EUR5.000 - EUR7.000 Per Month + Bonus + Benefits

Applicants indispensable beryllium based successful the Netherlands and person the close to enactment successful the Netherlands adjacent though distant moving is available.

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