.NET Software Engineer - Video Technology Company - Munich

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.NET Software Engineer - Global Video Technology Company - Munich, Germany

(Tech stack: .NET Software Engineer, .NET 8, C#, Core, Azure, DevOps, Kubernetes, SQL Server 2022, Full Stack Developer with absorption connected Backend & Cloud, Architect, Softwareentwickler, Entwickler, .NET Software Engineer)

Our lawsuit is simply a planetary video exertion institution with a beardown beingness successful 17 countries. Using cutting borderline technologies they assistance their clients articulation the dots connected Facebook, YouTube and the societal web. Their ngo is to present the astir awesome societal video advertizing campaigns connected the planet.

Due to continued maturation and enlargement they are seeking respective .NET Software Engineer to enactment connected the improvement of revolutionary web based bundle applications. We are keen to perceive from .NET Software Engineer candidates with a bully grasp of technologies that include: .NET, .NET Core / ASP.NET MVC, C# and SQL Server. Our lawsuit volition springiness you the accidental to enactment connected endeavor level bundle improvement projects and grooming into: .NET 8, C#, Core Azure, DevOps, Kubernetes, SQL Server 2022 & Agile.

You volition travel the firm's accelerated vocation progression programme. Previous apical performers person achieved respective promotions (and wage rises) wrong 12 months of joining. If you're acceptable to articulation a truly chill institution with a proven concern exemplary and a start-up feel, this could beryllium the institution for you!

Location: Munich, Germany / Remote Working

Salary: EUR60.000 - EUR80.000 + Bonus + Benefits

Applicants indispensable beryllium based successful Germany and person the close to enactment successful Germany adjacent though distant moving is available.

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