Networks Protocols Lead Engineer

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A starring premium automotive concern and starring to determination towards electrical autonomous vehicles.


Step into an exhilarating relation wherever you'll beryllium pioneering the aboriginal of automotive exertion arsenic our Lead Network Protocols Engineer astatine JLR. Shape the integer scenery upon which we physique the adjacent procreation of JLR vehicles crossed our esteemed location of brands.

In this role, you'll beryllium portion of an agile squad driving innovation, assessing, and processing crushed breaking conveyance web technologies for integration passim the JLR integer platform.

Within the squad you volition beryllium liable for authoring, processing & owning the JLR Network Comms requirements. Working with the constituent teams connected AUTOSAR Classic, AUTOSAR Adaptive and POSIX nodes to present the required web capableness via their products crossed the JLR Digital Platform.

Further responsibilities see the design, validation and attraction of the JLR Network Specific comms requirements crossed the Data Link, Network, Transport and Software layers for assorted Automotive Networks specified arsenic Ethernet, CANFD & LIN. These requirements volition beryllium utilized to guarantee we present a implicit and cohesive web crossed each the sourced networked components. Working with the Networks validation squad to writer and make trial cases utilized to validate the JLR Digital Platform.

You volition request to enactment wrong transverse functional teams to identify, papers and validate the constraints and capableness of each caller web exertion and efficaciously pass these passim the concern successful bid to signifier the explanation of the adjacent integer platform.  

You are liable for starring the web connection qualification activities for caller technologies crossed the V, including co-ordination of commercialized activities with the procurement team.

Your tasks volition see supporting constituent and supplier teams successful the exertion of the requirements and queries that originate from the completion of portion level trial cases arsenic good arsenic the cardinal integration team’s strategy level testing.


Knowledge, Skills and Experience


   •   Significant acquisition successful the plan of Automotive Network Communications for AUTOSAR Classic, Adaptive and POSIX ECU’s and associated web Requirements.

   •   Experience successful crossed a scope of Automotive Networks including Ethernet.

   •   Experience successful improvement and trial methods utilized to define, measure and suffice Data Link, Network, Transport & Software Requirements technologies for automotive applications.

   •   Awareness of Automotive Network Technology & Semiconductors products and consequent requirements desirable.

   •   Strong knowing of Industry standards associated with Vehicle Network Communications Standards.

   •   Understanding of improvement and simulation methods utilized for web plan desirable.

   •   Ability to enactment crossed distributed teams arsenic good arsenic independently with a motivated and structured mode of moving with a tendency to recognize and present caller technology.