OCI Platform Admin Engineer

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Programme Overview

The Finance Transformation programme is implementing the Oracle Fusion ERP suite for Financials, Procurement and Recruitment implicit an 18-month period, gathering connected the Oracle HCM tools already successful place. These tools volition facilitate important translation crossed Finance and the wider Bank concern areas. The programme volition beryllium managing that translation alteration arsenic good arsenic the configuration of the Oracle toolset.

Role Summary

We are looking for an OCI Platform Admin Engineer to beryllium portion of the Programme Management squad of the Finance Modernisation Programme to physique and negociate cloud-based infrastructure, moving alongside a fantastic programme squad and reporting into the Technology ERP Platform Lead. The Finance Modernisation Programme is simply a large programme that offers unsocial learning opportunities owed to its standard and complexity and usage of Cloud applications and services.

Job description

Skilled and experienced successful a wide assortment of Tech Oracle Cloud solutions, you volition enactment a wide scope of services, which volition include:

OCI Management:

- Manage cloud-based infrastructure, including virtual machines, retention solutions and networking components.

- Work arsenic portion of a squad to instrumentality and negociate OCI PaaS and SaaS services.

- Ensure these are optimized for OCI and that they conscionable Bank's requirements.

- Know however to proficiently usage and supervise the usage of instrumentality deployment and orchestration platforms (e.g. Kubernetes).

- Manage backup and DR strategies utilizing Oracle Managed Automatic Backups arsenic good arsenic Object Storage and Autonomous Data Guard

OCI Monitoring:

- Configure, manage, audit and alert connected the availability and show of the OCI environment.

- Manage the show of OCI resources, diagnosing and troubleshooting issues.

- Make changes to optimize system/platform performance.


- Develop and instrumentality automation processes to simplify the absorption of cloud-based infrastructure.

Control costs:

- Understand and optimize costs by looking astatine the main outgo drivers and moving with each stakeholders progressive to guarantee champion usage of resources, for example:

o Understand information egress and API requests and however these components origin into unreality billing.

o Learn however pricing differs from Cloud VMs and serverless functions and however to right-size a VM lawsuit to trim costs.

o Learn astir Oracle terms models astir retention and cognize however to utilize them to plan and tally outgo effectual unreality workloads.

Collaborate with different IT teams:

- Work intimately with different teams successful IT, including exertion developers and devops (e.g. ACS) arsenic good arsenic Cyber oregon IT Infra engineers to guarantee OCI meets Bank's requirements and tin enactment its goals

- Act arsenic a azygous constituent of interaction for outer partners looking to interact with the OCI level (e.g. strategy integrators, auditors, consultants etc)

Due to the quality and urgency of this post, candidates holding oregon who person held precocious level information clearance successful the past are astir invited to apply. Please enactment palmy applicants volition beryllium required to beryllium information cleared anterior to assignment which tin instrumentality up to a minimum 10 weeks. LA International is simply a HMG approved ICT Recruitment and Project Solutions Consultancy, operating globally from the largest azygous tract successful the UK arsenic an IT Consultancy oregon arsenic an Employment Business & Agency depending upon the precise quality of the work, for information cleared jobs oregon non-clearance vacancies, LA International invited applications from each sections of the assemblage and from radical with divers acquisition and backgrounds.

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