Operating Systems Engineer

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Become an Embedded Software Engineer for a European Silicon Engineering company, headquartered successful Barcelona that aims to democratise spot usage by processing Systems connected Chip (SOCs) that harvester RISC-V and accelerated chiplets for AI and HPC, interconnected with UCIe unfastened interfaces.

Their exertion offers worth successful assorted fields specified arsenic Artificial Intelligence, Security and Privacy, and Carbon Footprint Reduction. They aspire to alteration the Silicon Industry and beforehand sustainability done collaboration and openness

Embedded Software Engineer Responsibilities

  • Develop and support low-level software, including BIOS and firmware, for innovative hardware architectures.
  • Create and prolong instrumentality drivers for operating systems chiefly successful Linux
  • Collaborate with hardware teams to power hardware and bundle co-design.

Embedded Software Engineer Qualifications:

  • Proficient successful low-level improvement languages specified arsenic C and Rust.
  • Experienced with assembly connection for immoderate architecture.
  • Understanding of Embedded Linux
  • Experience utilising Device drivers (Plus to have)

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