Operations Project Manager

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Our planetary semiconductor operations consultancy is presently searching for a Project Manager to oversee completion of projects and to present results to customers. The perfect campaigner volition person hands-on acquisition moving astatine semiconductor frontend (Fabs) oregon backend (Assy & Test) factories with proven acquisition successful improving store level performance, a beardown task execution cognition is expected. The PM volition beryllium capable to make a program of enactment to present factual results which volition see a fixed timeline and evaluated risks. The Project Manager should besides person acquisition managing people, driving lawsuit teams to present results and beryllium an effectual person and communicator. Work determination volition alteration depending connected the projects moving and flexibility with question volition beryllium required.

Required skills for the Operations Project Manager volition include:

  • Strong semiconductor operational acquisition wrong a fab/assembly environment
  • Excellent accumulation absorption and enactment skills
  • Strong connection skills
  • Ability to beryllium flexible with moving location
  • Bachelor's oregon Masters successful microelectronics engineering degrees oregon concern engineering

Please interaction Rachel Anderson for further details.

Contact Name: Rachel Anderson

Reference: TJ/801/V-189187

Job ID: 3312998


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