Optical Engineer

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I person an accidental for an Optical Engineer for an breathtaking caller start-up successful Cambridge. This institution is readying to revolutionise Augmented Reality technologies.

This Optical Engineer will beryllium expected to beryllium a hands-on method moving nonrecreational who tin thrust guardant projects and enactment successful a increasing team.


  • Optical Design simulations successful Zemax is simply a indispensable have.
  • Experience successful escaped abstraction optical systems
  • Experience successful diffractive optics
  • Ideally person immoderate cognition of laser beam scanners
  • Any acquisition successful nanophotonic fabrication would beryllium an asset
  • Time and task absorption skills

If you person the indispensable skills for this role, delight guarantee they are successful your CV.

For further accusation oregon to nonstop successful an exertion for the Optical Engineer vacancy delight interaction Phil Wright.

Contact Name: Phil Wright

Reference: TJ/801/V-194573

Job ID: 3312270


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