Oracle Functional Implementation Consultant

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Following a reappraisal of the Amnesty International Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management (HCM) solution, respective areas person been identified for further optimisation to present improvements and thrust further efficiencies having utilized the strategy for the past 2-3 years.

We are seeking an Oracle Fusion HCM hands-on functional advisor to adhd further configuration capableness to the existing squad and instrumentality a defined acceptable of deliverables, predominantly astir Absence Management.

Consultancy commencement and extremity date: This is expected to beryllium a 3-month consultancy from May oregon June 2024 to August 2024. (There is simply a fixed 3-month improvement rhythm for this assignment).

Location: Home-based successful the UK, with occasional visits to our London bureau arsenic required.

Deadline for each applications: Thursday 23rd May 2024

Rate: £650 per day

**Please enactment we volition not beryllium accepting bureau candidates for this role**


Amnesty International person a determined acceptable of precedence deliverables for which the functional advisor volition beryllium liable for the hands-on configuration, which see (but not constricted to)

  • Absence Management
    • Holiday 
    • Sickness 
    • Maternity 
    • Paternity? 
  • Employee Self-Service
    • Employee Self-Service
    • Including Redwood  
  • Security setup? 
  • Journeys?

Amnesty volition person a squad of interior HR and method unit to assistance successful the transportation of these objectives, though these volition not each beryllium 100% dedicated to this portion of work. Each deliverable listed supra has an agreed acceptable of sign-off parameters arsenic defined successful the associated Statement of Work (SoW), which volition beryllium reviewed and agreed astatine the commencement of the assignment.

Essential Requirements for the Succesful Functional Implementation Consultant:

  • Hands on experience of configuring Absence Management successful Oracle Fusion HCM.
  • Effective ability to urge solution sets oregon configurations/personalisations that conscionable oregon transcend the requirements of concern partners portion ensuring adherence to champion practices.?
  • Configure against a defined acceptable of requirements and playing these backmost to the Business Stakeholders for sign-off.
  • Experience aligning concern processes with Oracle plan principles.??
  • Experience executing investigating plans and documenting results accordingly.?
  • Comfortable utilizing the Oracle Standard Methodology (AIM/OUM).
  • Knowledge successful task completion specified arsenic full-cycle implementation oregon enhancing wrong Absence Management, including testing, of Oracle HCM Fusion.?
  • Training Super Users and interior unit arsenic required.
  • Signidficant experience with Global HCM Fusion?on large-scale Global implementations. ?
  • Knowledge of HCM information loader. ?
  • Liaising with Oracle Support and Cloud lawsuit link to log incidents and question adept proposal to resoluteness issues .

Please notation to the Terms of Reference attached for much accusation connected this consultancy opportunity.

Application Instructions

To use for this work, delight taxable the pursuing via our recruitment system, eArcu.

  • A screen missive explaining your suitability for the consultancy assignment.
  • A CV highlighting your astir caller applicable experience.

Applications indispensable beryllium successful PDF, oregon Word format.

As standard, payments are made by Amnesty International 30 days aft receipt of a valid invoice for the agreed enactment milestone completed.


If you are talented, passionate astir quality rights and privation to usage your skills, cognition and acquisition to alteration the satellite past we would promote you to click ‘Apply for this Role' below.

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N.B. We reserve the close to adjacent a vacancy BEFORE the closing day successful the lawsuit of an overwhelming effect oregon a alteration successful concern priorities, truthful we promote you to use present if you are interested.

Commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: 

Amnesty International believes successful a satellite that is fair, inclusive and equitable. Together, we're committed to being an anti-racist organisation with a divers workforce that can amended tackle the planetary quality rights challenges that look our satellite today. We cognize that different voices, ideas, perspectives, experiences and knowledge, moving unneurotic volition alteration america to amended the lives of radical astir the world.

We are committed to gathering and sustaining an anti-racist, culturally divers and inclusive organisation, wherever each employees consciousness valued, person a consciousness of belonging and an adjacent accidental to fulfil their potential. We truthful powerfully invited applications from suitably qualified radical careless of their background; including underrepresented groups, LGBTQI+ individuals and those who whitethorn person oregon are surviving with a disability.

Amnesty International is committed to being an inclusive leader and providing an inclusive and accessible recruitment process for all. If you would similar to person immoderate accusation successful a antithetic mode oregon would similar america to bash thing otherwise to assistance you use for our roles, delight get successful interaction with the team.