Oracle HCM Application Support - INSIDE IR35

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An Oracle HCM Application Support specializer is required for the attraction and enactment of ESR. It is simply a Functional relation predominantly with immoderate method quality required. This is simply a hybrid relation with 1-2 days per week connected tract successful Warwick. INSIDE IR35 paying £450 per time via an FCSA accredited umbrella company.

Required Skills

*Oracle HCM acquisition (e.g Oracle HRMS, Oracle SSHR, Oracle Workflow, OLM, Oracle BI, SQL)

*Problem solving, investigative and analytical skills

*Experience moving wrong exertion enactment team

*Exposure to querying, manipulating and configuring SQL

*Knowledge of a assistance table strategy and managing work requests / incidents/ problems

*Respond to users wrong acceptable work level agreements (SLA's) and operating level agreements (OLA's)

*Establish bully moving relationships with clients and task teams

*Customer connection skills, some verbal and written

*Provide politically delicate answers / solutions to issues arsenic indispensable

*Negotiation and persuasion skills

*Ability to enactment with colleagues and stakeholders astatine each levels

Nice to person skills

*An knowing of ITIL framework

*UK Payroll Legislation

*Experience of moving wrong the healthcare sector

LA International is simply a HMG approved ICT Recruitment and Project Solutions Consultancy, operating globally from the largest azygous tract successful the UK arsenic an IT Consultancy oregon arsenic an Employment Business & Agency depending upon the precise quality of the work, for information cleared jobs oregon non-clearance vacancies, LA International invited applications from each sections of the assemblage and from radical with divers acquisition and backgrounds.

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