OSAT Site Manager

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OSAT Site Manager (South Korea) - Specialised in debased powerfulness products

An American institution is seeking a highly qualified OSAT tract manager (based successful Cheonan City/Chungcheongnam-do) to thrust palmy proviso concatenation operations.


  • Facilitate and show OSAT forecasts, merchandise WIP movement, and earthy worldly inventories
  • Drive and show accumulation pull-ins erstwhile needed
  • Work with the proviso concatenation relationship squad to show OSAT disposable capacities against lawsuit demands and unafraid capacities for upside request erstwhile needed
  • Travel to and enactment with OSAT on-site to coordinate accumulation ramps, resoluteness accumulation transportation issues, assistance with Quality Audits, reappraisal quarterly performance, and different issues arsenic needed.
  • Track OSAT rhythm clip & transportation of the product, reporting monthly/quarterly

Please interaction Simpson if you you would similar to find retired much astir this OSAT Site Manager role, one would emotion to perceive from you 

Contact Name: Simpson Tsang

Reference: TJ/801/V-194470

Job ID: 3312192


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