Performance Analyst

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The Opportunity

We are looking for a Performance Analyst to articulation our User Experience squad astatine the Parliamentary Digital Service (PDS), which sits wrong the Products Directorate.

As a Performance Analyst, you volition specify, cod and contiguous the cardinal show information and investigation for integer products and services and volition enactment to physique a robust show investigation capability. You volition beryllium comfy moving with ample and analyzable information sets and person the skills to contiguous and pass your findings and recommendations to non-technical and method colleagues. You'll behaviour investigation and enactment colleagues to articulate and measurement benefits and show crossed projects, products and services, supporting teams with defining what bully looks like. The goals you assistance to specify volition bespeak strategical aims, lawsuit needs and prime standards. You'll embed a civilization of continuous betterment and physique skills and capableness done cognition sharing and coaching.

This relation volition usage insights and investigation to pass evidence-led determination making successful design, transportation and strategical contexts.

What You Need

To beryllium palmy successful this relation you volition have:

  • experience of information analysis, analytics tools (such arsenic Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Excel, PowerBI, etc), visualisation, and measurement crossed a scope of products and services
  • Be capable to enactment teams successful utilizing insights and investigation to plan and present lawsuit focussed outputs and springiness absorption connected which tools oregon methods to use.
  • You recognize the legal, privacy, security, and ethical considerations astir information collection.
  • Ability to develop, instrumentality and amended processes. Have bully readying and organisational skills to prioritise, conscionable deadlines and header with fluctuations successful workload
  • the quality to walk information clearance, backed by the close to enactment successful the UK

About The Team

The Product Directorate successful PDS is moving to digitise our ideology by creating, supporting, and improving our products and services with the purpose of making things easier and amended for users. Our enactment spans a scope of backmost and front-end products and services aimed astatine gathering the rising lawsuit needs of Members and their unit for amended integer services.

The Performance Analyst squad works successful collaboration with research, design, delivery, and information professions, alongside stakeholders to present lawsuit focussed plan solutions for integer projects, products, and services

About Us

UK Parliament is steeped successful past and tradition. It is an important portion of UK beingness and we request to guarantee arsenic galore radical arsenic imaginable tin prosecute with its work. This is wherefore we are astatine the commencement of a immense translation programme powered by technology. The Parliamentary Digital Service (PDS) works with the House of Commons and the House of Lords with each their IT and integer needs. We are present to realise the integer ambitions of a modern Parliament and invited you to articulation america successful gathering a integer democracy.

Our Package

Please notation to our Candidate Information Pack for a afloat database of our benefits which include:

  • up to 35 days yearly permission successful summation to slope holidays
  • generous maternity wage argumentation up to 6 months afloat pay
  • great pension strategy options (contributory and non-contributory)
  • on-site subsidised gym, nursery, catering, station office, question bureau and GP
  • flexible options including hybrid moving and household affable policies

How To Apply

Please marque definite you're wide connected the requirements of the role. These tin beryllium recovered successful the Job Description and Candidate Information Pack. You volition request to upload a CV and amusement however you conscionable criterion 1) 3) 4). Our exertion process is anonymous, truthful delight region immoderate idiosyncratic accusation from your CV.

Apply By:

Interviews: W/C 27th May

Format: Panel Interview (Remote)

Our Culture

For our people, we supply an astonishing accidental to bring their talents to an instauration that sits close astatine the bosom of nine successful the UK. We are helping to alteration UK Parliament and fortify democracy. What matters present is your imaginable for maturation and your committedness to playing your portion successful our ongoing success.

We are passionate astir providing an situation which promotes inclusion, diverseness and equality. Regardless of your age, gender, ethnicity, beliefs oregon immoderate of the different things that marque you, you. We invited applications from radical who consciousness under-represented successful the workforce. This includes those who whitethorn consciousness disadvantaged due to the fact that of their socioeconomic circumstances.