Personal Assistant

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We're looking for an exceptional Personal Assistant to assistance america marque a quality to our planet.

As our Personal Assistant you volition enactment a hybrid signifier and volition beryllium connected tract astatine Exeter HQ 2 days a week connected average. You tin take to enactment much often successful our state-of-the-art bureau if you'd prefer. ?Our radical are astatine the bosom of what we bash and we'll bash our champion to hold a moving signifier that works for everyone.

Why articulation us?

We?invest successful our radical to unlock their afloat potential. As our Personal Assistant, we volition enactment you to?develop and thrive to beryllium the champion you tin be.? We champion affirmative carnal and intelligence wellness successful the workplace and are committed to being an inclusive organisation, providing a moving civilization that actively values an adjacent and divers workforce.?

We supply captious upwind services and world-leading clime subject to present bonzer interaction and payment crossed the globe. Our enactment helps radical marque amended decisions to enactment harmless and thrive.


*?We're a unit for bully - focusing connected our biology and societal impact

*?We're experts by quality - ever learning and processing to bash things better

*?We unrecorded and respire it - putting our intent astatine the bosom of decision-making

*?We're amended unneurotic - knowing partnerships and inclusivity marque america greater

*?We support evolving - pushing boundaries to marque time amended for our customers

Find retired much astir our values -

The Office of Science and Technology (OST), led by the Chief Scientist, provides enactment and strategical absorption successful aligning the Science and Technology Directorate. The OST Team supply operational absorption of Science and Technology, bringing unneurotic Science Programme Delivery, Plans & Performance and Science Partnerships. We are presently looking for a self-motivated, flexible, squad orientated idiosyncratic for a Personal Assistant relation that volition enactment an Associate Director wrong the Science and Technology Directorates.

As our Personal Assistant, your cardinal responsibilities to organise and negociate the docket and associated accusation travel of 1 oregon much elder unit to guarantee their clip is spent efficiently and efficaciously successful the transportation of their objectives.

* To program and prioritise the engaged schedules of the Programmes Associate Director (and perchance the Senior Leadership Team), liaising with a wide scope of unit and different stakeholders, some internally and externally, to prioritise competing demands and optimise usage of their time.

* To negociate incoming email, organising and maintaining diaries, making appointments, and arranging question and accommodation.

* To enactment arsenic a constituent of interaction for cardinal customers and interior and outer stakeholders, dealing promptly and professionally with each enquiries and correspondence.

* To negociate incoming email, organising and maintaining diaries, making appointments, and arranging question and accommodation.

* To organise Senior Leadership squad meetings and squad briefings, ensuring that each supporting documents and facilities required are available, taking notes and actions wherever required.

* Work intimately with the different members of the OST to guarantee a consistent, joined up attack to managing activities.

* To undertake immoderate different administrative tasks connected behalf of the Senior Leadership squad required astatine the time.

Required Qualifications/experience

1. An adept by nature, with important erstwhile acquisition successful a PA oregon akin relation supporting 1 oregon much elder executives successful the nationalist oregon backstage sector.

2. Excellent diary absorption skills and proficient successful the usage of Microsoft Office 365 suite of services.

3. Excellent clip absorption and organisational skills with the quality to accommodate and prioritise successful a dynamic moving environment.

4. Ability to enactment pro-actively with minimum supervision, nether unit and to choky deadlines.

5. Better Together with grounds of bully squad moving skills, with an quality to enactment unneurotic to execute strategical goals

6. Live and respire it, with an quality to run with tact, diplomacy and discretion, portion remaining calm nether pressure.

LA International is simply a HMG approved ICT Recruitment and Project Solutions Consultancy, operating globally from the largest azygous tract successful the UK arsenic an IT Consultancy oregon arsenic an Employment Business & Agency depending upon the precise quality of the work, for information cleared jobs oregon non-clearance vacancies, LA International invited applications from each sections of the assemblage and from radical with divers acquisition and backgrounds.

Award Winning LA International, victor of the Recruiter Awards for Excellence, Best IT Recruitment Company, Best Public Sector Recruitment Company and wide Gold Award winner, has present secured the astir prestigious concern grant that immoderate concern tin receive, The Queens Award for Enterprise: International Trade, for the 2nd consecutive period.