Power Apps Developer

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Power Apps Developer Location: Edinburgh Hours: Full clip Working Pattern: Hybrid, astatine slightest 2 days successful the office. About this opportunity

You volition play a captious relation successful the HR (People & Places) Data Hub by processing and maintaining a Power Apps instrumentality for HR alteration processes, including organisational alteration and implementation. You volition beforehand information products and supply actionable insights, yet contributing to optimised workforce absorption and strategical People initiatives.

A DevOps Engineer with a coagulated IT inheritance and adept skills successful DevOps Engineering. This is simply a enactment level relation and volition blend some heavy domain and method expertise and large passionateness for coaching and processing radical successful a "player-coach" model. They volition besides pb and enactment successful Engineering Guilds and Working Groups to actively beforehand the DevOps marque successful LBG.

You volition

  • Maintain and make Power Platform technologies, including Power Apps and Power Automate, and Power BI.

  • Build and maintaining a analyzable acceptable of Dataverse tables, utilizing these to thrust caller insights and improved processes crossed the existent HR landscape.

  • Champion the worth of data-driven decision-making crossed the slope by promoting HR information products and their benefits.

  • Remove barriers to investigation done automating processes and removing / simplifying bequest architecture

  • Collaborate with HR teams, concern leaders, and cross-functional partners to recognize their information needs and supply applicable insights.

  • Extract meaningful insights from HR information analytics and contiguous them successful a wide and actionable mode to stakeholders done effectual information storytelling.

  • Lead efforts to heighten information literacy among colleagues, offering grooming and enactment to alteration effectual information usage.

  • Develop a heavy knowing of HR information products, their methodologies, and applications, ensuring close communication.

  • Advocate for and guarantee adherence to information governance standards and policies portion sharing information insights.

  • Contribute to the enhancement of Power Apps by implementing feedback and insights from stakeholders.

  • Experience successful moving successful agile methodology ways of working

  • Collaborate with HR and Organisational Change teams and stakeholders to place data-driven opportunities and challenges.

  • Promote HR information products, showcasing their benefits and applicability to antithetic concern contexts.

  • Translate analyzable HR information insights into actionable recommendations for strategical decision-making.

  • Develop and present engaging presentations and reports that convey data-driven insights to non-technical stakeholders.

  • Provide grooming sessions and workshops to heighten colleagues' information literacy and analytical skills.

  • Collaborate with information analysts and scientists to guarantee information products conscionable stakeholder needs.

  • Foster a civilization of data-driven decision-making and curiosity crossed the bank.

  • Stay informed astir manufacture trends and advancements successful HR information analytics.

What you'll need

  • Power Platform and Microsoft Technology Expert: Hands-on engineering acquisition utilizing cardinal Power Platform Services: Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI.

  • Tooling: Experience successful Power Virtual Agents, Python, different debased codification /Pro codification technology.

  • Stakeholder Engagement: Excellent interpersonal skills to efficaciously prosecute and collaborate with colleagues astatine each levels.

  • Data Presentation: Proficient successful conveying analyzable information insights done presentations, reports, and visualisations.

  • HR and Organisational Change Domain Knowledge: Comprehensive knowing of HR processes, policies, and regulations wrong the banking sector.

  • Communication: Clear and concise connection skills to convey information insights and recommendations.

  • Problem Solving: Creative problem-solving skills to code unsocial data-related challenges.

  • Automation: Clear knowing of what automation is, the benefits it tin present and immoderate acquisition fulfilling this successful a erstwhile relation / idiosyncratic environment.

  • Cloud Technology Knowledge: Preferably Google Cloud Platform.

About moving for us

Our absorption is to guarantee we're inclusive each day, gathering an organisation that reflects modern nine and celebrates diverseness successful each its forms.

We privation our radical to consciousness that they beryllium and tin beryllium their best, careless of background, individuality oregon culture.

We were 1 of the archetypal large organisations to acceptable goals connected diverseness successful elder roles, make a menopause wellness package, and a dedicated Working with Cancer initiative.

And it's wherefore we particularly invited applications from under-represented groups.

We're disablement confident. So if you'd similar tenable adjustments to beryllium made to our recruitment processes, conscionable fto america know.

We besides connection a wide-ranging benefits package, which includes:

  • A generous pension publication of up to 15%

  • An yearly bonus award, taxable to Group performance

  • Share schemes including escaped shares

  • Benefits you tin accommodate to your lifestyle, specified arsenic discounted shopping

  • 30 days' holiday, with slope holidays connected top

  • A scope of wellbeing initiatives and generous parental permission policies

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