Powertrain Software Problem Resolution & Triage Engineer

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A starring premium automotive concern and starring to determination towards electrical autonomous vehicles.

The Opportunity We are successful a precise breathtaking epoch present successful Powertrain, leveraging information arsenic portion of the integer transformation. Data acquisition is an integral portion of this journey, and we are expanding the existent occupation solution squad to enactment the existent and aboriginal requirements. The Problem Resolution & Triage Lead Engineer volition beryllium liable for managing issues raised successful the ITP (Inspection & Test Plan) process crossed the full of powertrain. The responsibilities include, starring the team, managing contented through-put, reporting retired successful assorted forums and promoting engineering excellence activities and starring the squad of solution engineers. The relation volition enactment the full EP section successful achieving the expect precocious level of robustness, by resolving issues arsenic rapidly arsenic imaginable and ensuring forestall recurrence, beforehand data-driven engineering activities. You volition study straight to the Chapter Lead liable for Benchmarking, Loggers, DTC's and Integrated Test Plan (ITP), and volition enactment precise intimately with the engineering, programme & manufacturing teams to guarantee we conscionable the stakeholders requirements. Key Accountabilities and Responsibilities    •   Measure the through-put of issues, allocation to the idiosyncratic engineers, guarantee we allocate arsenic rapidly arsenic possible, assisting with each Level-Zero tasks.    •   Ensure we implicit the Level-Zero Tasks connected each probe and resoluteness each and immoderate obstacle successful this space.    •   This needs to beryllium continually measured arsenic request to negociate an off-shore squad that present ample parts of this task.    •   Triage issues and negociate occupation solution utilizing recognised occupation explanation techniques, utilizing AIMS, IQM & JIRA systems to present solution successful enactment with the programme metric.    •   Able to enactment individually and wrong a squad with bully Flexibility and problem-solving skills.    •   Work with the Agile principles, program and enactment successful JIRA, perchance contiguous successful showcases, "be agile, don’t bash agile". Knowledge, Skills and Experience    •   Complete Level Zero Tasks yourself erstwhile required, see collecting information by connecting to networks oregon diagnostic ports whilst attempting to replicate reported issues, download the applicable supplementary diagnostic information, clarifying concerns straight with the originator.    •   Triaging issues to the required country for solution quickly.    •   Allocate tasks/issues to each the squad members, efficaciously and efficiently.    •   Working with the adept areas of a occupation and ensuring that they person the suitable requirements / targets and plan verification trial successful place.    •   Experience successful systems and technologies including the improvement and transportation of vehicles into production.    •   Must beryllium a driven aforesaid -starter with a passionateness for the automotive manufacture and the imaginable of automotive technology.    •   An effectual squad subordinate who supports squad members, affirmative cognition with a thirst to larn and amended our performance.    •   Holds a lawsuit archetypal mindset- is casual to bash concern with and makes radical consciousness special, driven to present experiences that are personalised, transparent and dependable.    •   Works independently, is results driven, demonstrating tenacity, drive, and perseverance with the quality to present operational plans successful a complex, highly demanding environment.