Principal Analog IC Design Engineer

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This is an accidental for an ambitious Prinicpal Analog IC Designer to articulation a increasing commencement up institution based successful the UK’s exertion hub of Cambridge. 

This presumption would suit a Principal Analog IC Design technologist with an fantabulous knowing of the IC Design process successful CMOS exertion and with a systematic and proactive attack to design.

Industry grade qualified the palmy applicant volition person 10 years minimum acquisition successful Analog IC Design with acquisition successful immoderate oregon each of the pursuing blocks: Power absorption (LDOs, SMPS, Bandgaps), ADC/DACs, Sensor Interface Circuits (Temperature, Capacitive), PLLs, DLLs. 

Experience is required successful the CMOS process and plan travel with an knowing of CAD/PDK, compartment specification, Design, Layout and Verification arsenic good arsenic behavioural circuit modelling. Experience successful RF IC Design is simply a positive with Python acquisition highly desired. Knowledge/Interest successful Software improvement would beryllium a plus. 

There are opportunities for vocation advancement arsenic the institution grows and hence determination is an involvement successful squad enactment experience. Hybrid moving from wrong the UK is besides available. 

Excellent connection skills successful English arsenic good arsenic the quality enactment good wrong a squad are required and the tendency to marque a affirmative publication to an breathtaking caller commencement up institution is of people essential!

Competitive wage positive banal options are connected connection for the palmy applicant. 

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