Principal Application Engineer Digital Frontend Design

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A satellite renown institution is looking for an adept Digital Frontend Design to enactment successful a imperishable presumption arsenic Applications Engineer (AE).

As an  Applications Engineer for Digital Frontend Design you volition enactment side-by-side with leading-edge customers. With your expertise, you'll assistance them deploy market-leading technologies successful Synthesis, P&R, and Signoff to meet/exceed their PPA targets, execute faster plan closure, and crook their plan concepts into world and bring much concern opportunities for your employer. You volition besides enactment straight with the R&D radical to thrust the lawsuit requirements and power the absorption of next-generation products and technologies.

This accidental is located successful Munich and offers a grade of hybrid moving arsenic good arsenic aggregate benefits.

In this relation you volition person the accidental to heighten your in-depth cognition successful nanometer design, unlock unsocial expertise successful integer plan synthesis, LEC and low-power verification, and level up your communication, customer, and income skills, which volition enactment your miles up successful your vocation advancement.

Your responsibilities volition see the following:

  • Provide method enactment to customers successful the areas of Synthesis, Low-Power architecture description, low-power verification and LEC
  • Guide customers connected however to champion utilise technologies to execute their plan goals and conscionable task schedules
  • Conduct method presentations and merchandise demonstrations
  • Drive method evaluations/benchmarks to success
  • Work intimately with R&D to heighten the tools and methodologies to conscionable and transcend customer’s requirements
  • Drive adoption and proliferation of tools and technologies 
  • Amend and augment the travel arsenic needed utilizing Tcl and/or different programming skills to conscionable objectives and amended results/flows
  • Capture champion practices and lessons learned from existent evaluations/benchmarks and utilise to amended ratio and occurrence complaint successful adjacent engagements 

Your are champion equipped for this presumption if you person the pursuing qualifications and skills:

  • Degree successful Electrical/Electronic Engineering, Microelectronics, oregon a related discipline.
  • 5+ years of manufacture Digital IC Design experience
  • A moving cognition of UNIX/Linux, C-shell, TCL/TK programming and scripting
  • A beardown cognition successful Digital IC Design Fundamentals, Semiconductor fundamentals and debased powerfulness architectures
  • Strong Conformal LEC and/or Conformal Low-Power skills
  • Excellent connection skills (fluent successful English)
  • Strong customer-facing connection and problem-solving skills
  • A squad subordinate who is passionate astir exertion but besides understands concern requirements
  • Experience successful 1 and preferably much of the pursuing disciplines:
  • Digital IC Design and verification (RTL plan and verification)
  • SDC procreation and verification
  • UPF procreation and verification
  • CAD enactment for Digital IC Design and related flows with absorption connected synthesis, LEC and CLP verification
  • STA
  • DFT-insertion

For much accusation astir this opportunity, delight contact Lucy with your CV and a clip for an archetypal telephone to sermon you expectations!