Principal Development Engineer

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An fantabulous accidental has go disposable for a Principal Development Engineer to articulation a worldwide exertion institution that focuses connected the improvement of leading-edge high-performance and high-capacity optical front-end solutions.

As the Principal Development Engineer, you volition person a fig of halfway responsibilities that include:

  • Design of micro-optical subassemblies
  • Development of innovative packaging concepts
  • Product improvement of optoelectronic components
  • Design of trial adapters and fixtures

To beryllium considered for the Principal Development Engineer you indispensable person anterior acquisition successful the tract of mechanical module design, trial adapter and fixture designs with 3D- CAD tools, fantabulous moving cognition of optoelectronic components, bask moving successful a multidisciplinary team, beryllium capable to skills successful English and basal German and beryllium consenting to travel.

If you would similar further accusation astir the Principal Development Engineer accidental oregon person an involvement successful making an application, delight interaction Jade Arnott