Principal Engineer - Site Engineering Authority (Electrical)

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Job Title: Principal Engineer (Electrical Engineering)

Location: Barrow-In-Furness - We connection a scope of hybrid and flexible moving arrangements - delight talk to your recruiter astir the options for this peculiar role.

Salary: £45,000+ depending connected experience

What you'll beryllium doing:

  • Supporting the Senior Engineering Manager successful reviewing and mounting standards relating to Electrical Infrastructure modifications and upgrades
  • Working with the squad to measure and negociate caller LV/HV infrastructure requirements and deliverables successful enactment of the business, with the accidental to get progressive with supporting power systems review
  • Input into occupation solving, engineering issues relating to the taxable matter
  • Supporting the Site Engineering squad arsenic an SME astatine requirements seizure signifier and plan reviews
  • Input into and absorption of tract electrical processes/Operating Instructions and Topic Manuals
  • The relation involves viewing and supporting instrumentality and infrastructure connected the Barrow Estate

Your skills and experiences:

  • Degree successful Electrical Engineering subject
  • Interest oregon bias successful Electrical powerfulness organisation systems LV/HV (upto and including 11kV) and/or Control systems (PLCs/Building Management Systems)
  • CEng oregon quality to attain


You'll person benefits including a competitory pension scheme, enhanced yearly permission allowance and a Company contributed Share Incentive Plan. You'll besides person entree to further benefits specified arsenic flexible working, an worker assistance programme, Cycle2work and worker discounts - you whitethorn besides beryllium eligible for an yearly incentive.

The Specialist Engineering Electrical team:

The Site Specialist Engineering Electrical squad supply specializer enactment to the concern with respect to electrical standards, the squad enactment a wide scope of electrical disciplines with opportunities to larn and make successful LV, HV, C&I and Communications, each time varies with the accidental to occupation lick and thrust innovative solutions from your experiences. As the Barrow tract infrastructure grows you tin beryllium a play a portion successful the improvement of caller facilities and assistance thrust improvements successful aging and existing electrical installations.

Why BAE Systems?

This is simply a spot wherever you'll beryllium capable to marque a existent difference. You'll beryllium portion of an inclusive civilization that values diversity, rewards integrity, and merit, and wherever you'll beryllium empowered to fulfil your potential. We invited candidates from each backgrounds and peculiarly from sections of the assemblage who are presently underrepresented wrong our industry, including women, taste minorities, radical with disabilities and LGBTQ+ individuals. We besides privation to marque definite that our recruitment processes are arsenic inclusive arsenic possible. If you person a disablement oregon wellness information (for illustration dyslexia, autism, an anxiousness upset etc.) that whitethorn impact your show successful definite appraisal types, delight talk to your recruiter astir imaginable tenable adjustments.

Please beryllium alert that galore roles moving for BAE Systems volition beryllium taxable to some information and export power restrictions. These restrictions mean that factors including your nationality, immoderate erstwhile nationalities you person held, and your spot of commencement whitethorn bounds those roles you tin execute for the organisation.

Closing Date: 27th March 2024

We reserve the close to adjacent this vacancy aboriginal if we person capable applications for the role. Therefore, if you are interested, delight taxable your exertion arsenic aboriginal arsenic possible.