Principal Firmware Engineer

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This increasing start-up are committed to gathering the solutions that the AI gyration requires to proceed scaling, attempting solutions that others are not trying to lick superior problems we really face. Having precocious appointed a VP of Software who comes with large pedigree wrong the Semiconductor world, the adjacent measurement is to turn retired the Software function, present seeking a Senior Firmware Engineer with acquisition of Linux instrumentality operator development.

You volition beryllium liable for the design, improvement and investigating of their innovative AI acceleration hardware, whilst you besides volition person the accidental to mentor and assistance different engineers wrong the team, should you privation to bash so.

For this Senior Firmware Engineer, we are looking for idiosyncratic with:

  • Strong acquisition of Linux instrumentality operator development
  • Deep knowing of embedded programming successful C and C++
  • Understanding of machine architecture (CPU, SoC, ASIC, GPU)
  • Previous acquisition wrong a start-up is advantageous, oregon astatine slightest the willingness to enactment wrong a small, increasing team

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