Principal Functional Integration Engineer

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Job title: Principal Functional Integration Engineer

Location: Scotstoun, Filton, oregon Portsmouth; We connection a scope of hybrid and flexible moving arrangements - delight talk to your recruiter astir the options for this role.

Salary: Up to £63,165 depending connected skills and experience

What you'll beryllium doing:

  • Leading a squad of integration engineers to enactment arsenic the superior integration representatives with each transportation team, providing method enactment and guidance to guarantee that outputs from the supplier programmes volition present the required input for the integration programmes
  • Assessing the guardant integration programme to estimation the enactment required to beryllium undertaken by the squad and monitoring the advancement towards cardinal milestones
  • Designing and processing integration strategies, trials requirements and trials plans for onshore based testing, harbour trials and oversea trials for each system
  • Observing the behaviour of integration activities, wherever specified successful the CS Integration Strategy, and collate grounds to lend to accomplishment of CS acceptance
  • Ensuring that the postulation of trials information volition fulfill requirements acceptable arsenic assurance /acceptance milestones and the grounds required to wide the vas for going to sea
  • Developing and supporting the physique and/or capableness upgrade/insertion activities for designated instrumentality successful the T26 Land Based Integration Facility (LBIF) and onboard

Your skills and experiences:


  • Experience successful engineering oregon a defence related industry
  • Proven way grounds of starring effort successful functional integration, interface management, trials readying and knowing however Systems of Systems reasoning applies to Combat System integration and trials successful the maritime
  • Ability to make Integration Strategies and Trials documentation from Requirements, Interface Specifications and different Supplier documentation


  • Knowledge of the Type 23, Type 45 Destroyer Combat System, CVF Mission System, oregon similar, and their integration approaches
  • Knowledge of Def-Stan 21-88 implementation and risk-based integration approach
  • Appreciation of wider RN level plan and principles of operation

Engineers astatine each levels should person an world qualification successful Engineering oregon different related STEM subjects arsenic good arsenic circumstantial (either world oregon professional) qualifications and go recognised arsenic Incorporated oregon Chartered Engineers done an due recognised nonrecreational institution. Engineers are encouraged, and volition beryllium supported, to execute the applicable accreditation. Preference volition beryllium fixed to candidates who are already professionally registered.


You'll person benefits including a competitory pension scheme, enhanced yearly permission allowance and a Company contributed Share Incentive Plan. You'll besides person entree to further benefits specified arsenic flexible working, an worker assistance programme, Cycle2work and worker discounts - you whitethorn besides beryllium eligible for an yearly incentive.

The Integration Test and Trails squad - T26 Programme team:

In this relation you volition supply method enactment and guidance arsenic the squad pb for T26 Combat System (CS) Functional Integration, monitoring the squad outputs to guarantee they conscionable the needs of the programme.

Design and improvement of integration strategies, trials requirements and trials plans for onshore based testing, Ship harbour trials and oversea trials, ensuring that objection of ceremonial requirements and exercising of strategy behaviour are each suitably covered.

Why BAE Systems?

This is simply a spot wherever you'll beryllium capable to marque a existent difference. You'll beryllium portion of an inclusive civilization that values diversity, rewards integrity, and merit, and wherever you'll beryllium empowered to fulfil your potential. We invited candidates from each backgrounds and peculiarly from sections of the assemblage who are presently underrepresented wrong our industry, including women, taste minorities, radical with disabilities and LGBTQ+ individuals.

We besides privation to marque definite that our recruitment processes are arsenic inclusive arsenic possible. If you person a disablement oregon wellness information (for illustration dyslexia, autism, an anxiousness upset etc.) that whitethorn impact your show successful definite appraisal types, delight talk to your recruiter astir imaginable tenable adjustments.

Please beryllium alert that galore roles moving for BAE Systems volition beryllium taxable to some information and export power restrictions. These restrictions mean that factors including your nationality, immoderate erstwhile nationalities you person held, and your spot of commencement whitethorn bounds those roles you tin execute for the organisation.

Closing Date: 26th March 2024 - Interviews for this presumption volition instrumentality spot week commencing 1st April.

We reserve the close to adjacent this vacancy aboriginal if we person capable applications for the role. Therefore, if you are interested, delight taxable your exertion arsenic aboriginal arsenic possible.