Principal Product Application Engineer - Power Distribution

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Principal Product Application Engineer - Power Distribution 

Product Application Engineer with Automotive Power Distribution oregon EV Battery acquisition required for a planetary semiconductor shaper who person offices crossed the globe. 

Based from their bureau successful Aix-en-Provence, you volition enactment Go to Market activities to alteration plan in/wins, arsenic good arsenic providing method enactment connected products.   

In this relation you volition prosecute with Tier 1 Automotive customers and OEM's, providing method merchandise grooming and enactment the Product Management teams with engineering and method knowledge.   You volition beryllium progressive with caller merchandise definition, requirements and the improvement of these products.  

Suitable candidates volition beryllium grade qualified wrong electrical, microelectronics oregon physics, and person acquisition wrong Application Engineering oregon Semiconductor Development.  You volition besides beryllium acquainted with powerfulness distribution/power electronics specified arsenic MOSFETs, Gate Drivers, Power Switches, EV Battery, etc.

This relation volition beryllium based on-site and moving intimately with engineering teams, nevertheless hybrid moving tin beryllium offered.  You volition besides enactment arsenic a mentor for inferior members of the team. 

This presumption comes with a competitory salary, bonus and extended benefits package.  


  • Degree qualified wrong Physics/Electronics/Electrical Engineering
  • Semiconductor acquisition is simply a must
  • Experience wrong the automotive manufacture and acquainted with ISO 26262 would beryllium highly advantageous
  • Excellent communications skills and quality to clasp method presentations internally and externally
  • Fluent successful English is simply a must.   Additional languages specified arsenic French, German would beryllium advantageous.

For much accusation connected this caller and breathtaking opportunity, delight bash not hesitate to get successful interaction with Dave Sharman.