Principal SoC Architect

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Based successful Bristol, this is simply a caller accidental for a Principal SoC Architect to articulation the world's starring Semiconductor institution driving decarbonisation and digitalisation.

This relation sits wrong my client’s world-renowned automotive division, which is driving spot improvement to marque our roads cleaner and safer. The Principal SoC Architect volition thrust conception improvement and innovation successful the tract of microcontroller connection IPs for automotive products. The SoC Architect volition beryllium the operator successful determining solutions that fulfil hardware and bundle requirements, and beryllium a cardinal fig wrong a collaborative squad of strategy engineers, functional information engineers and RTL and verification engineers to beforehand the improvement strategy.

Requirements include:

  • A BSc / MSc grade successful Electronic Engineering / Computer Science oregon akin field
  • A fig of years’ anterior acquisition moving wrong integer spot architecture / ASIC design
  • Knowledge of microcontrollers and automotive applications
  • A bully knowing of connection protocols specified arsenic PCIe / SPI / Ethernet
  • Excellent connection skills successful English

For the close campaigner my lawsuit tin supply visa sponsorship and relocation assistance to Bristol, UK.

Get successful touch! For details interaction Caroline Pye.