Process Improvement & Data Specialist

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We are presently hiring for a Process Improvement & Data Specialist to articulation the Manufacturing Logistics section present astatine JLR. The intent of this relation is to enactment and execute the logistics strategy for MP&L to enactment JLR programme introductions arsenic good arsenic providing ongoing method and operational enactment to MP&L operations crossed the JLR Halewood site.

Your superior absorption volition impact delivering broad reports and investigation to enactment JLR’s strategical initiatives. This would entail delving into the halfway information and visualising that arsenic a dashboard, mounting them up and maintaining them utilizing method tools specified arsenic SQL, Tableau, and Excel. These volition beryllium shown crossed the factories and accusation boards arsenic a consolidated report.

You volition beryllium expected to collate information from each systems, looking for trends, ways to amended process, contiguous said information to antithetic stakeholders, arsenic good arsenic utilizing information attack to look astatine each systems, study problems, and travel up with ideas to fix, documenting your processes. You volition besides collaborate intimately with outer partners to present the champion solution including penning specifications, performing UAT investigating and handover of the finished solution.

Key Accountabilities and Responsibilities:

  • Setting up and maintaining of reports and dashboards utilizing method tools specified arsenic SQL, Tableau, and Excel.

  • Work with chosen outer partner, documenting and conveying our processes to them.

  • Gather and analyse information to enactment fact-based problem-solving workshops and lend to the instauration and absorption of standardised countermeasures, emphasising process ratio and show measurement.


In bid to beryllium considered for this position, it is indispensable that you person erstwhile acquisition moving with integer visualisation tools, specified arsenic tableau, Power BI, Google Cloud, oregon similar. Advanced Excel skills volition besides beryllium required owed to the quality of the relation requirements. Proficiency utilizing SAP volition beryllium ideal, but is not essential, and of people you volition request demonstratable grounds of occupation solving utilizing data.


  • Proficiency successful SQL oregon different programming languages for information manipulation and analysis.

  • Experience with information visualization tools specified arsenic Tableau, Power BI, Google Cloud oregon akin platforms, and precocious Excel skills.

  • Experience of starring oregon assisting successful process improvement

  • Proficiency and acquisition successful gathering and analysing information to thrust informed determination making