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Product Architect - £800 - Inside IR 35
A planetary EdTech corp that is presently undergoing an endeavor integer translation is hiring a Product Architect who has caller programme acquisition gathering endeavor integer merchandise crossed web/mobile channels utilizing AWS cloud. Preferably, the chosen campaigner volition person beardown acquisition acting arsenic a Product Architect with a inheritance successful strategy, plan and merchandise transportation to pb a Product Owners, Business Analysts and Third-Party Supplier. Our lawsuit is looking to wage £800 per time wrong IR 35 connected a 6 period declaration afloat remote.
The Product Architect volition absorption connected creating an architectural strategy for the level that delivers to our clients concern products. This relation is pivotal successful shaping the aboriginal of our merchandise transportation and ensuring scalability and ratio successful our exertion approach.
Key responsibilities:

  • Architectural Strategy Development: Craft and instrumentality a broad architectural strategy for our merchandise transportation platform, ensuring it aligns with our semipermanent concern objectives and technological advancements.
  • Solution Architecture and Micro-service Design: Utilize expertise successful solution architecture and micro-service plan to heighten and optimize the platform.
  • Collaboration and Leadership: Work intimately with the Product Owner, Director of Technology, third-party suppliers, and Business Analysts to guarantee a cohesive and forward-thinking architectural approach.
  • Innovative Problem Solving: Continuously place opportunities for innovation wrong the level architecture, ensuring it remains robust and adaptable to changing needs.
  • Travel and Engagement: Be consenting to question arsenic required for collaboration, research, and implementation purposes. Demonstrate precocious levels of information and committedness to the occurrence of the project.

Key relationships:

  • Product Owner: Ensure that the architectural strategy supports the merchandise imaginativeness and idiosyncratic requirements.
  • Director of Technology: Collaborate connected method strategies and uphold champion practices successful exertion development.
  • Third-Party Supplier: Liaise with outer developers for the effectual implementation of architectural plans.
  • Business Analyst: Partner successful converting concern needs into method specifications and actionable architectural plans.

Core accomplishment set:

  • Proven acquisition successful merchandise architecture title, with a beardown inheritance successful solution architecture and micro-service plan (must have)
  • Demonstrated quality to make and instrumentality architectural strategies crossed an endeavor online corporation. (must have)
  • Strong capabilities successful AWS unreality solutions pursuing the SDLC (must have).
  • Domain acquisition successful Ed-Tech, Education, Digital oregon Public assemblage is preferred.
  • Excellent connection skills and the quality to enactment collaboratively.

Product Architect - £800 - Inside IR 35

Contact Name: Tia Maitland

Reference: TJ/10185/V-43634

Job ID: 3312600