Product Owner

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JOB TITLE: Product Owner

SALARY: £73,262 - £86,190

LOCATION(S): Bristol

HOURS: Full time

WORKING PATTERN: Our enactment benignant is hybrid, which involves spending astatine slightest 2 days per week, oregon 40% of our time, astatine our office site.

About this opportunity:

You'll beryllium liable for the merchandise of incremental worth contributing towards a holistic product, task oregon work with the main extremity of realising worth for customers and stakeholders by ensuring that the squad are moving connected the close priorities. This is achieved by fostering collaborative, empowered teams, nurturing them to instrumentality ownership of the applicable outcomes. As good arsenic stimulating innovation and mitigating hazard by conducting information driven trial and larn activities.

Why Lloyds Banking Group:

We're connected an breathtaking travel to alteration our Group and the mode we're shaping concern for good. We're focusing connected the future, investing successful our technologies, workplaces, and colleagues to marque our Group a large spot for everyone. Including you.

What you'll bash and what you'll need:

  • Meets the needs of important customers related to a scope of products and services and/or manages a lawsuit advisor squad implicit a fixed area.

  • Takes work to formally turn capabilities wrong a important functional country of the business, portion personally investing successful the maturation of ain and others' capabilities elsewhere successful the organisation done mentoring and different informal methods.

  • Takes work for processing and delivering alteration absorption plans and achieving outcomes that enactment the organisation's wide strategy.

  • Develops and/or delivers a program for a circumstantial country of work by managing others.

  • Engages with elder concern leaders to recognize semipermanent strategical challenges.

  • Takes work for processing and delivering a large portion of the organisation's merchandise improvement programme successful bid to alteration wide firm strategy.

  • Assists successful the plan and implementation of a compliance programme portion ensuring adherence to regulatory and compliance standards by liaising with the regulator and/or supervises the activities of a regulatory/compliance team.

  • Manages a important information of the organisation's hazard absorption and/or power process, contributing to the improvement and implementation of hazard absorption policies and procedures.

  • Develops innovative solutions by integrating and analysing analyzable and divers accusation sources.

About moving for us:

Our absorption is to guarantee we're inclusive each day, gathering an organisation that reflects modern nine and celebrates diverseness successful each its forms. We privation our radical to consciousness that they beryllium and tin beryllium their best, careless of background, individuality oregon culture. We were 1 of the archetypal large organisations to acceptable goals connected diverseness successful elder roles, make a menopause wellness package, and a dedicated Working with Cancer initiative. And it's wherefore we particularly invited applications from under-represented groups. We're disablement confident. So if you'd similar tenable adjustments to beryllium made to our recruitment processes, conscionable fto america know

We besides connection a wide-ranging benefits package, which includes:

  • A generous pension publication of up to 15%

  • An yearly performance-related bonus

  • Share schemes including escaped shares

  • Benefits you tin accommodate to your lifestyle, specified arsenic discounted shopping

  • 30 days' holiday, with slope holidays connected top

  • A scope of wellbeing initiatives and generous parental permission policies

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