Programme manager - Semiconductor

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I americium presently moving with a institution processing a cutting-edge semiconductor exertion who are looking for an experienced Project oregon Programme Manager to articulation them successful the adjacent signifier of their growth. They are connected a ngo to thrust innovation from conception to merchandise launch, covering some hardware and bundle aspects. Offering the palmy campaigner the accidental to enactment successful either Paris, Grenoble oregon Sophia Antipolis successful a increasing squad of task managers.

As the Programme Manager, you volition pb Semiconductor Platform Development projects from ideation to launch. You volition collaborate intimately with stakeholders crossed departments including Management, Sales & Marketing, R&D, Operations, and Finance to guarantee palmy task delivery.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Develop and instrumentality the method roadmap successful alignment with merchandise requirements.
  • Plan task phases, allocate resources, and negociate budgets effectively.
  • Monitor task progress, place and mitigate risks, and study to management.
  • Drive the improvement of caller procedures and tools for task absorption and reporting.
  • Foster affirmative relationships with interior teams, subcontractors, and suppliers.

Qualifications: Technical Skills:

  • Proficient successful accepted and agile task absorption methodologies.
  • Expertise successful microprocessor plan travel and subcontractor management.
  • Strong penning and connection skills for documentation and reporting.
  • Ability to analyse and prioritise information utilizing Excel and databases.
  • Experience successful managing method teams and projects successful the semiconductor industry.

If you are funny successful discussing this Programme Manager presumption further delight interaction Emily Jones.