Project Manager

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About the role 

We are recruiting Project Managers who privation to spot their enactment making a quality to people's futures.? As portion of a assemblage of alteration leaders delivering strategical and tactical projects, you volition beryllium liable for defining, shaping and coordinating people, process and exertion alteration globally, improving entree to acquisition and beingness opportunities for millions of people. 

We are a modern organisation with a arrogant bequest and a planetary estimation for excellence.? As 1 of the oldest established media organisations successful the satellite we person been connected a integer translation travel and present are looking for radical who tin assistance america determination beyond bully to world-leading successful the integer era. 

We connection continuous learning opportunities including training, mentoring, coaching, communities of signifier and the resources you request to turn your vocation successful whichever absorption you choose.? Whether you privation to summation your expertise successful a peculiar country oregon broaden your skills and acquisition crossed the business, we volition enactment you. 

The scope of projects you could beryllium moving connected is wide and could include: 

  • acquisition and integration of caller businesses to turn our merchandise offer 
  • implementing caller technologies into the concern to amended our ways of working, thrust ratio and heighten lawsuit experience 
  • driving argumentation and process alteration to enactment caller initiatives specified arsenic biology sustainability 

About you 

You volition person acquisition managing aggregate stakeholders and starring teams of some interior colleagues and outer vendors done analyzable projects, often having to amusement inaugural to instrumentality solutions to issues that are raised. 

You tin instrumentality a little for a concern accidental and crook it into a program done robust engagement and analysis 

You tin design, make and support reports and dashboards to stock visibility of task show against OKR's and/ oregon KPI's 

You clasp bully governance and connection to execute palmy outcomes 

You person large radical skills, tin recognise the viewpoints of aggregate stakeholders and identifying the champion mode forward 

You are comfy successful accepting and providing situation to elder colleagues to guarantee the champion result for your projects 

You are proactive and highly motivated by your accountability to marque alteration happen 

Rewards and benefits 

We volition enactment you to beryllium astatine your champion successful enactment and to unrecorded good extracurricular of it. In summation to competitory salaries, we connection a world-class, flexible rewards package, featuring family-friendly and planet-friendly benefits including: 

  • 28 days yearly permission positive slope holidays 
  • Private aesculapian and Permanent Health Insurance  
  • Discretionary yearly bonus  
  • Group idiosyncratic pension scheme 
  • Life assurance up to 4 x yearly salary  
  • Green question schemes  

We are a hybrid moving organisation, and we connection a scope of flexible moving options from time one. We expect astir hybrid-working colleagues to walk 40-60% of their clip astatine their dedicated bureau oregon location. We volition besides see different enactment arrangements if you privation to enactment much flexibly oregon necessitate adjustments owed to a disability. 

To find retired more, delight spot the occupation statement attached. 

If you take to apply, delight see a abbreviated screen missive with your application, making definite you specify you are applying for a Project Manager position.? We look guardant to proceeding from you. 

Ready to prosecute your potential? Apply now. 

We reappraisal applications connected an ongoing basis, with a closing day for each applications being 1st April 2024 and interviews are scheduled to instrumentality spot during oregon astatine the extremity of the campaign. 

Please enactment that palmy applicants volition beryllium taxable to satisfactory inheritance checks including DBS owed to moving successful a regulated industry. 

Why articulation us 

Joining america is your accidental to prosecute potential. You'll beryllium to a collaborative squad that's exploring caller and amended ways to service students, teachers and researchers crossed the globe - for the payment of individuals, nine and the world. Sharing our ngo volition animate your ain growth, improvement and progress, successful an situation which embraces difference, alteration and aspiration. 

Cambridge University Press & Assessment is committed to being a spot wherever anyone tin bask a palmy career, wherever everyone has a voice, and wherever we larn continuously to amended together. Ensuring that everyone feels they beryllium is indispensable to who we are, and to the publication we marque to nine and our planet. 

We judge amended outcomes travel done diverseness of thought, inheritance and approach. We invited applications from radical from each backgrounds and communities, actively seeking to employment radical from a wide scope of antithetic communities.