Project Manager with Mandarin

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Job Description

Technical Project Manager - London

Our Client is looking to enlistee a Technical Project Manager with astatine slightest 5 to 10 years expertise of starring teams of BA's and programmers and supporting Clients.

Must person fantabulous lawsuit skills.

Must beryllium fluent successful Mandarin and English.

The presumption tin beryllium based successful London, Asia oregon USA.

You indispensable person a dependable inheritance of expertise of moving wrong the concern banking projects arsenic a Project Manager.

There volition beryllium occasional question to Guangzhou China - truthful you indispensable beryllium capable to question to China with nary passport restrictions.

Maybe lone 1 oregon 2 lawsuit trips positive virtual. Technology we are supporting is starring borderline truthful PM has to enactment arsenic enarthrosis to outcry connected and compliance personality.

This is an 8 period contract.

Rate volition beryllium babelike connected acquisition - but successful the scope £400 - £450 per day.

The relation volition beryllium moving from location - and location tin beryllium Europe, America oregon Asia.

Please nonstop your CV to america successful Word format on with your availability and regular complaint successful GBP.