QA Software Test Automation Architect- Maidenhead

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Job Description

QA Automation Architect - Maidenhead

We necessitate a seasoned QA nonrecreational with 5 to 10 years proven way grounds of bundle testing.

A seasoned QA automation designer with acquisition successful continuous delivery

We are looking astatine 3 oregon much large-scale implementations of QAA/CD successful ample organization

Ability to articulate a imaginativeness successful automation and execute against it

Comfortable connection astatine CxO level

Has antecedently worked with nearshore teams

Has wide and heavy knowing of wide Software Development processes.

Understands intelligibly where, erstwhile and however prime checks are required to beryllium built successful done the SDLC and has anterior acquisition successful gathering specified prime practices.

Is motivated to thrust prime process improvements successful a holistic manner.

Has acquisition successful structuring and recommending specified improvements that see assorted segments of the enactment that whitethorn oregon whitethorn not beryllium nether his nonstop influence.

Experience successful implementing prime process improvements by analyzing existing QA maturity models, measurement the process and supply a solution/deployment attack based connected the gaps.

Solid acquisition successful moving connected multi-tier architectures analyzable applications.

Has extended acquisition successful moving connected automation tools e.g Selenium webdriver, Docker, Cucumber oregon related root tools.

Hands-on acquisition successful mounting up an automation model and continuous automation and regression investigating process.

Good acquisition successful continuous transportation and integration process with tools similar Jenkins, Maven.

Good acquisition successful moving with distributed teams successful Agile improvement methodologies.

Should person acquisition with effectual metrics collection, investigation and suggest corrective actions.

This is simply a 6 period declaration based successful Maidenhead.

Rate is negotiable.

Please nonstop you CV to america successful Word format.