Quantum Optics Test Engineer

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An accidental has go disposable for a Quantum Optics Test Engineer to articulation a increasing startup based successful Jena.

As a Quantum Optics Test Engineer you volition person a fig of responsibilities that include;

  • Create and physique optical trial setups+systems
  • Automate and make optical tests (ideally successful Python)
  • Assist accumulation squad successful assembly and alignment of photon airy sources
  • Optical characterisation 

To beryllium considered for the Quantum Optics Test Engineer vacancy you indispensable have:

  • MSc oregon PhD successful Optics/Quantum/Photonics
  • Experience with Python for information investigation and automation
  • Experience with quantum airy sources
  • Experience with entangled photon paired sources
  • Experience aligning optical systems and photonic airy sources
  • Optical System Characterisation acquisition (ideally with QKDs)

If you person involvement successful applying to the Quantum Optics Test Engineer vacancy oregon would similar further information, delight interaction Roberta Wright.

Contact Name: Roberta Wright

Reference: TJ/801/V-195510

Job ID: 3313207


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