Regional Sales Manager - Automotive

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Regional Sales Manager

Our lawsuit has implicit 20 5 years’ acquisition successful the plan and manufacturing of precocious prime RF and Microwave Ceramic Chip Capacitors, Inductors and Integrated Passives and is present looking for a Regional Sales Manager to articulation them and screen the Mid-West portion of the US.

As a Regional Sales Manager you volition beryllium liable for managing the Mid-West corridor of the US handling a territory worthy implicit $8 million, you’ll negociate 3 different income reps who volition assistance successful expanding income and enactment to summation income gross wrong your designated patch.

At slightest 40% of your clip volition beryllium dedicated to increasing the Automotive market, this volition beryllium an accidental to make an interaction wrong the institution and instrumentality the pb connected pushing into this increasing industry. Outside of this you volition beryllium liable for improvement and closure of caller concern with manufacturing representatives and interior firm resources, question to customers volition beryllium required astatine slightest 55% of the time.

This relation is afloat remote.

Regional Sales Manager Requirements:

  • Bachelors Degree successful Engineering oregon method income acquisition successful Electronic Component Industry
  • Component income acquisition successful the Automotive market
  • Experience successful managing reps
  • Technical quality to interact with lawsuit plan engineers and pass needs to factory

To find retired much astir this oregon immoderate different Sales & Marketing opportunities crossed the US, contact James Cunningham.