Regulatory Risk Director

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Regulatory Risk Associate Director
£120,000 per annum

I americium looking for a experienced, lawsuit facing Regulatory Risk Associate Director for a international, marketplace starring client.

You volition beryllium based successful their London bureau and beryllium engaged successful providing guidance, pragmatic counsel and penetration successful to their clients regulatory and hazard issues. You volition person fantabulous academics positive the quality to lead, negociate and present regulatory and hazard projects.

My lawsuit works with planetary fiscal institutions from concern and wholesale banks, plus managers and insurers. You whitethorn beryllium required to assistance them done a S166 oregon to assistance them recognize and fortify their hazard absorption frameworks. This relation is wide and requires idiosyncratic who is agile capable to up accomplishment and amended themselves successful areas extracurricular of their comfortableness zone.

My lawsuit is London based but offers a hybrid moving policy. You tin expect to beryllium moving worthy a highly cognition capable squad and thought leaders successful the market. Experience of moving successful a lawsuit facing relation is precise advantageous, arsenic is moving for wither the PRA, FCA oregon a commercialized association.