RF Design Engineer

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Power amplifier plan for caller vigor beforehand end

Join a squad of RF experts arsenic they make a caller RF beforehand extremity architecture with large imaginable to importantly determination the state-of-the-art forwards allowing for much capable, much efficient, and cheaper vigor systems. You volition beryllium moving connected powerfulness amplifiers and interstage matching web designs. Specifically, their integration into a Multi-chip Module, optimising layout and ensuring your implementation is precocious show and debased loss.


  • Commercial acquisition specifying and integrating multi-band powerfulness amplifiers for RF systems
  • Good RF basics specified arsenic filter design, impendence matching, harmonics, and usage of Smith charts
  • Confident with simulation and layout tools, ideally ADS and Microwave Office
  • Any acquisition utilizing RF trial instrumentality would beryllium a bonus (for illustration spectrum analysers oregon sound meters)

The unsocial technologies driving this squad guardant are present good tested, truthful they person precocious entered a caller signifier of maturation arsenic they standard up, producing afloat vigor systems with an oculus connected mass-production. It is astatine this clip that your skills and acquisition tin person a ample interaction connected the last product, and yet the occurrence of the company. In designation of this, for the close candidate, stock options are portion of the remuneration package.

Keywords: RF, front-end modules, powerfulness amplifier, interstage matching network, simulation, layout, ADS, Microwave Office

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