Risk Manager - Remote

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Risk Manager
£70,000 per annum

Our client, a starring Insurance company, is presently seeking a skilled Risk Manager to articulation their Risk department. The palmy campaigner volition play a important relation successful overseeing and managing the companys Enterprise Risk Management processes.

Role & Responsibilities:

* Develop and instrumentality hazard absorption strategies and procedures
* Identify imaginable risks and measure their interaction connected institution operations
* Monitor and study connected cardinal hazard indicators to elder management
* Collaborate with assorted departments to guarantee compliance with hazard absorption champion practices
* Conduct hazard assessments and supply recommendations for hazard mitigation

Key Skills:

* Strong inheritance successful Enterprise Risk Management
* Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills
* Ability to pass efficaciously with stakeholders astatine each levels
* Experience successful the Insurance manufacture is preferred
* Relevant certifications successful hazard absorption oregon related tract are a plus