Roadmap Leader - HPC Quantum

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Roadmap Leader required for a starring supplier of quantum computing solutions.

You volition beryllium liable for strategically engaging with cardinal customers, representing the organisation as a thought person successful the marketplace segment, and fostering nonrecreational relationships with stakeholders. Your relation involves continuously assessing and validating lawsuit requirements, maintaining relations with the installed base, and providing enactment during exertion discussions with strategical end-users successful the income process. Additionally, you volition instrumentality an effectual merchandise roadmap by defining marketplace trends, translating requirements into high-level merchandise definitions with concern cases, and driving the instauration of marketplace plans. Collaboration with lawsuit enactment to incorporated feedback into the merchandise roadmap, enhancing usability, and maintaining a competitory vantage volition beryllium a cardinal facet of your responsibilities. Finally, you volition align with the organization's strategy by monitoring income and gross progress, guiding merchandise improvement successful collaboration with R&D, and assisting the MSO squad successful formulating merchandise motorboat plans, selling collateral, and property releases.

This relation volition beryllium based successful the Netherlands.


  • Hold a PhD oregon MSc grade successful Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, oregon a related tract from a prestigious university.
  • Possess much than 5 years of acquisition successful the high-performance computing sector.
  • Demonstrate a robust nonrecreational web wrong the high-performance computing domain.
  • Serve arsenic a thought person and typical successful the high-performance computing field, actively participating successful manufacture consortia, web organisations, and contributing done presentations and writing.
  • Exhibit a broad knowing of quantum exertion usage cases and quantum algorithms.
  • Present a wide imaginativeness for the integration of quantum computers wrong a high-performance computing environment.