RPG Analyst Programmer with Misys Equation

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Job Description

RPG Analyst Programmer with Misys Equation

Our Client is looking to enlistee an RPG4/400 Analyst Programmer with astatine slightest 5 to 8 years acquisition of processing with RPG coupled with astatine slightest 5 years acquisition of Misys Equation.

Must person the pursuing skills:

Analysis of issues pertaining to problems oregon errors raised by in-house systems, i.e. Misys Equation extremity of time cycle, Equation interfaces.

Understanding concern requirements successful bid to make and present due solutions based connected strategy explanation documents.

Proficiency successful 4GL and 3GL programming languages and capable to use to the afloat improvement life-cycle.

Misys Equation:

High level of proficiency successful RPG Programming and Equation APIs.

In-depth cognition of the Equation environment.

Building of in-house reports successful RPG.

Maintenance of each in-house programmes successful the Equation extremity of time cycle.

To beryllium the archetypal constituent of interaction for issues with the Equation extremity of time rhythm including retired of bureau hours support.

To supply 2nd and 3rd level enactment for in-house programmes during the extremity of time cycle.

To beryllium capable to analyse and rectify immoderate problems raised successful an autarkic and squad scenario.

To instrumentality ownership of a occupation and present a solution successful a timely manner.


To enactment the Swift situation during periods of unit absence.

To enactment the AML strategy done completing regular processes, e.g. responsibility finding, regular backups, etc.

ESSBASE, attraction and development. Occasional request for enlargement of the dimensions wrong the database cube, including change, investigating and sign-off.

Business Continuity:

Fulfil each prescribed concern continuity requirements arsenic acceptable retired successful the organisational oregon departmental circumstantial plans oregon arsenic instructed by the enactment manager/Head of Department.

Qualifications, knowledge, skills and acquisition required:


Must person Degree level qualified oregon equivalent.

Experience of SQL Programming coupled with RPG and CL programming.

Any acquisition of processing with C# would beryllium precise useful.

Software investigation and design.

SQL query language.

Equation APIs and strategy modules.

Salary volition beryllium successful the scope £45K - £55K

The Client is based successful the metropolis London.

Please nonstop your CV to america successful Word format on with your wage and availability.